from the BL site coming next year :

" Only in Death (Softback) Dan Abnett Oct 08
Titanicus Dan Abnett Oct 08
Gotrek and Felix : Elfslayer Nathan Long Oct 08
Ciaphus Cain : Cain's Last Stand Sandy Mitchell Nov 08
Matthias Thulmann, Witch Hunter C.L. Werner Nov 08
Blood for the Blood God C.L. Werner Nov 08
Horus Heresy : Mechanicum Graham McNeill Dec 08
Dark Disciple Anthony Reynolds Dec 08
Imperial Guard Omnibus Volume 1 - Dec 08
A Massacre in Marienburg David Bishop Dec 08
Ice Guard Steve Lyons Jan 09
Time of Legends : Malekith Gav Thorpe Jan 09"

Add those to the already announced books and I might just set up a direct debit to the BL bank account.