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Thread: Witch Hunters..Overpowered?

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    Witch Hunters..Overpowered?

    Maybe I'm just bitter because I have yet to win (let alone do well) against my friends Witch Hunters army but it seems to me that the army is a tad overpowered in it's current state. I play Tyranids and he uses an all Sisters force and no matter what I throw at him or any situation he finds himself in, it seems that the faith abilities allow him to just counter it.

    Large creature coming at him? He effectively makes his bolters rending.

    If the large creature survives long enough to charge, he makes his save invulnerable.

    Large swarm of Hormagaunts attack him? He increases his init, or makes his sisters strength 5 or both since he can use as many faith abilities per unit as he likes, in EITHER player turn. The rolls to successfully use these abilites are ridiculously easy to make and imagnifiers pretty much make it a definite.

    And the real kicker it that even if I kill a unit of his, he gets the faith point back once they're dead, unless the unit was running at the time, but he has a faith ability to instantly rally a unit as well. So effectively his army gets harder and harder to win against, the smaller and smaller it gets.

    Couple this with a BS of 4, power armor and vehicles that can annihilate an MC in one turn (Exorcist) or destroy a swarm unit without batting an eyelash (Immolater) and it seems I just have no prayer.

    Whatever tactic, unit or strategy I can think up, he will always have a counter via faith.

    Am I just being bitter and pessimistic or have other people (mainly horde army players) found this to be the case as well?
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