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Thread: No more mounted Daemonettes?

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    No more mounted Daemonettes?

    So, I was looking through the list of stuff that GW is getting rid of, and not only did the bits for the mounted Daemonettes come up, but so did the standard blister. Does anyone know if mounted daemonettes are going to be available at all after the revision of mail order? I was really looking forward to the new Daemon army book, but if mounted daemonettes are not in the book, I am not sure I would even consider building a new daemon army. I really hope I am misunderstanding this whole situation, but to me, it looks like mounted daemonettes are out. The only other possibility that I could see is the release of mounted daemonettes in a box set (though hopefully not new sculps), which I imagine would happen around the release of the new book. If I am totally wrong, please let me know.
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