Bloodbowl is a fine game in GW's inventory. Some of its best work to date.

On board game geek it is currently rated 57. Iíve seen it rated as high as 49 (within the last 4 months). Thatís against Settlers of Catan, Battlelore, Twilight Imperium and War of the Ring. In comparison, 40K scores #1282 on BGG. (Scoring bellow Warhammer Fantasy 569, Battlefleet Gothic 628, Heroquest 507] and Spacehulk 85)

There has been little support for Blood Bowl and the Specialist Games, god bless fanatic/SG for staying alive so long. A game that brings 200 people to warhammer world for turny play must be a hit.

Years after GW have cut mainstream support for this game, people continue to play and enjoy it. Itís a good game, I donít know why GW doesnít see it. (I feel this way about most GW games.)