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    Airbrushing Master Resource Mega Thread

    Airbrushing Topic Master Thread

    a.k.a. “all your airbrushing questions are belong to us!”

    (last rev.- 2-11-08)

    Special thanks to everyone interested!

    The purpose of this thread is to provide a "one-stop shopping" re: resources dealing with airbrushing. One thing I have noticed is a LACK of information regarding using the airbrush as another tool on the mini-modeler's workbench.

    It needed to be started, and no better time than now! I will update the first post of this thread regularly so that it includes any new links or information. I will try to provide ratings or review when I can.

    Overview of airbrushing:

    Equipment Reviews and Purchasing-
    • Airbrushing purchasing tips thread- a good thread; I hope to consolidate information into an article soon. There are also lots more on fine scale modeler's forums and armorama.
    The basics:
    Upcoming contributions from myself (when I get the time):
    • My thoughts on airbrushing equipment and airbrushing in general
    • Basic Techniques
    • Advanced Techniques
    • Paints
    • Air sources
    Projects and tutorials using airbrushes on warseer...
    Other info and resources found elsewhere:


    • I'll include some reviews on brands and specific brushes that I've used, as well as others.
    • I'll include some reviews of stuff I've used
    Other items:
    Where to buy equipment (w/ ratings...)

    If you haven't found out already, airbrushing equipment can be extremely difficult to find -- especially quality airbrush equipment. Often, hobby shops, craft and art stores will stock run-of-the-mill equipment, some of which is not that good. They will likely charge you much more than you should be paying for that equipment. Don't be suckered into buying locally, especially if they don't have what you want. there are many reputable dealers throughout the country and throughout the world who deal with airbrushing extensively, if not almost exclusively. if you want to buy locally, find someone who can order what you need.

    Favored Links for buying stuff:
    • Dixieart- Quick turnaround, lots of equipment, free shipping >$60 and mailorder pricing.
    • Bear Air- good too, but don’t deal with Iwata anymore. Too bad. Similar to Dixie, but no free shipping.
    • Airhead Airbrush- I just like this guy. Lots of good information. I’ve corresponded with him in the past, don’t remember buying though.
    • Coast Airbrush- Also some really nice guys, and know their stuff re: brushes. Answered some questions for me that no one else seemed to be able to.
    Other resources: I haven’t dealt with them directly.
    • AIRBRUSHDEPOT.COM- O.k. I haven't dealt with them directly nor used their brushes, but was just reading about ppl using their micron knockoffs (the masters series), and they really liked them. So for ~$50-70, you can get something that works like an Iwata. They also deal with Iwata and other brushes as well.
    • Dickblick art supply- Limited and full retail.
    • Michaels- Limited and full retail.
    • Hobbylinc- haven't used them, but worth mentioning
    • HLJ- These guys have lots of cool stuff
    Great external links dealing with airbrushing:

    General info:

    Instead of recreating the wheel, basic information regarding airbrushing can be found all over the web. Wanting to develop some basic knowledge about airbrushing? Want to learn fundamental skills with using an airbrush? Visit some of these pages.
    • AIRBRUSH BASICS- by crispy from CMON.
    • How to airbrush- basic lessons on airbrushing. Basics exercises included to help one
    • Michael Fichtenmayer’s flash demo on basic airbrushing. Check out the site too! It's awesome.
    Tutorials and projects:

    GW- off their sites (Note how much they use other ppls products! )
    • Building your own booth:
    • The booth I used to use- actually, mine's an earlier model. You can get them cheaper on ebay. Perhaps not the best, but another option. Now I use the artograph 1530.

    Update: I'm beginning to think that the best way to discuss airbrushing is to show it. I mean, you can talk about the technique, but to see it is another thing altogether. I will be amassing links and perhaps doing some myself in the future.

    General info re: airbrushing maintenance:
    • Video on Aribrush Cleaning: Flushing the brush, wiping the needle, scrube the barrel, if you need to. More thorough than needed for quick color changes, like noted on fitchenfoo, where you can just flush quickly and change colors.
    • What's wrong with my airbrush? using a BCS, IIRC. Other bottom feeders (no pun intended) are very similar.
    • Aribrush assembly and disassembly. Looks like a Iwata gravity fed brush is what's being used.
    • Another cleaning video
    • Another vid with lots of topics- cleaning, changing colors, etc.- I do things more like this guy does. He's using an eclipse CS. His nozzle falls off when the cap comes off because it doesn't screw on like the highline brushes.
    After you get used to cleaning a AB, its really quick to set up and clean up.

    Basics topics with airbrushing:
    Use of Airbrushes in modeling and other demos:
    • Gundam airbrushing In japanese, sry- but you just need to watch. Note the cool and simple device to catch overspray. More vids in this series for building. Also shows basing, post shading techniques, masking techniques, etc.
    • TMBounty hunter's vids- Lots of buildups; you just need to watch and see their techniques- they are found throughout the vids.
    • Mbeyst's clips from his video. Shows some good stuff. His vid is worth looking into if you want more from him.
    • Hyperscale's Brett Green speaking doing a series for testor's model workshop. Look at the ME109 build.
    • More model building goodness: more Japanese builds. However, watching how people are airbrushing can be valuable.
    • FLORYMODELS videos. Shows some great techniques.
    • Airbrush assembly and disassembly:
    • Some basic airbrushing using model railroading models. Demonstrations of both single and double action brushes. Some little tricks that can improve brushing included. Shows a 'revell' brush, which looks like a badger, and a badger 150 (IIRC) being used. Also a crecendo (175- a good You can hear the guy's compressor doing in the background. Some good topics.
    • Microairbrushing
    • Airbrushing master Craig Fraser
    • Clear coating with a brush: not the best, but shows someone doing it.
    Miniatures related:
    I'll keep trying to add more as I can.

    If you have links you think should be added, please PM or post here. Thanks!

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