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Ok, since its Christmas I'll spill what little I know.
(...) It just feels like years of developing the game for strict tournament play is no longer the focus of the game...now itís more about fun and creativity as we've witnessed with Apocalypse...and will see with...PLANETSTRIKE!

Yes, Planetstrike is the name of the next supplement (unless someone at GW reads this, gets mad and changes it out of spite). Itís about taking the game into the 3rd dimension (Waa?). This is why youíve been hearing about a deepstrike book; but itís much more than that! It is about adding flyers and drop pods into the game but also about fighting missions with a clear attacker/defender. Iím sure this has been said before elsewhere so consider this another ďconfirmationĒ if you will. There will be a plastic SM drop pod that can also be a chaos deathclaw (I think thatís what itís called). There will be plastic storm troopers (look like kasrkin) and a plastic valkyrie. The Valkyrie may even be available as a transport in the next guard codex. There are also several new terrain kits in the works. A landing pad, a defence laser and a bunker. All of these can be combined to create a fortification and it goes without saying that they are compatible with the current CoD building sets. There are some other things Iíve heard about Planetstrike, but Iím waiting for a second source to confirm them before I spill.

Planetstrike will be released at GDUK AFIK since 5th will now be out at the beginning of the summer (they switched places for some reason). (...)

...so Merry Christmas!
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Tell me the other stuff you haven't shared yet (Until confirmation) includes a plastic Thunderhawk...
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It does....