What is the BB pitch square size? (In the box.) Custom pitches in my area seem to range from anywhere between 23mm to 30mm. I understand the value of a oversize pitch square, but it comes down to material costs.

I am trying to create 6 pitches for a local league that is starting up between me and some friends. I would like to use sheets of 2'x4' MDF board as a source material for the Pitches. @ 23mm per square I can fit the full BB grid in 3 times side by side, and initially I thought that this was the standard size of a BB pitch. My source information came from a pitch PDF that I had downloaded.

However it became painfully obvious in the Pre Season games I had played last Friday that the pitch squares where indeed too small for the larger prices in game play. Worse yet a test pitch that had been crafted was on the 23mm scale. (My understanding is that these big guys have always been a sore spot in game play and grids.)

This is a real concern for me, I had planed to craft boards and attempt to trade them for teams online. ($ is a little problem for this coach.) But to craft boards with 30mm squares creates 2 problems.

1. The pitches become huge! (not really a problem for play, but storage and shipping.)
2. The material cost increases alot.

At 23mm the pitches end up being 2' long, at 30mm the pitches ends up at 32" by 18". I’m literally looking at 3 times the construction cost. Are 23mm pitches something that someone would even want to trade for?

I guess my question is this, are these “23mm” pitch squares cricket with Blood Bowl Play?