Okay, I looked at it again. A few updates.

1) Blast weapons don't roll to hit, they just scatter. However, they now operate like template weapons in that any model touched by the blast is hit. None of this "roll 4+ for partial" stuff. A unit firing multiple blast weapons (a SM Dev squad being the example) fires like a multiple barrage unit would in 4th edition. Scatter once, then lay the blasts off of the original template. These two things might make up for the lack of a to-hit roll. Oh, and you don't need to center the hole over someone when you place it before determining scatter.

2) No shooting of defensive weapons if you move full speed.

3) Yes, vehicles can now get up to a 3+ cover save, depending on what they're hiding behind.

4) Still saw nothing on 6" plus of area terrain blocking line of sight. You CAN declare certain types of terrain as LOS blocking -- it just has to be done before the game. You also decide what is difficult, what is dangerous, and what is impassable. Certain things can be difficult for one type of model and not difficult for another. So tank traps might be dangerous terrain for vehicles, but count as clear terrain for infantry. A river might be impassable for infantry, but dangerous for vehicles. You just have to decide before you play. I like this, as it gives more power to the players.

5) No re-roll of wounding against transported infantry no matter how far you moved.

6) Force weapons now just inflict instant death instead of that weird pseudo-instant death.

7) Smoke launchers are a 5+ cover save.

8) You can still only take one save per guy.

9) Yes, allocate wounds before making saves. This will probably encourage larger squads (goodbye, 6 man las-plas).

10) You can shoot over other squads if you can see over them because of elevation, etc. You can always shoot at vehicles or monstrous creatures over other squads.

Overall, it looks like a lot of streamlining went into the rules. That's good. It also looks like they wanted to move away from certain types of armies. Certain vehicles have become "viable" (to some degree) again. A Dark Eldar Ravager with 3 Dark Lances is now something you can take. You couldn't really before, because you "had" to move 6+ inches to get SMF, and that meant you could only fire one weapon. Now, with SMF just a 5+ cover save, and the Ravager able to fire all weapons if it moves 6" or less, we may actually see it shoot more often.

The problem that I see with 4th is that certain builds were simply too good to not take. As a result, a lot of different units were never used. A Falcon can have a pulse laser, a scatter laser, and a shuriken cannon, move 12", and fire them all. Well, that's a hell of a lot of firepower. Likewise, the Land Speeder w/ AC and HB was just too good to ignore. Now, with these changes, vehicles that were too good in 4th will become... not so good now.

With fast vehicles only able to move 18", it likewise eliminated the Dark Eldar rush. It again looks like they're moving away from one-turn assaults and other too-good combos.

This is overall, in my opinion, a good thing for 40K. The fewer no-brainer builds that are available, the better. Builds that were never competitive before now have a chance to be good. Vehicles as a whole are now less mobile, but more survivable. It will lead to different tactics, to be sure. Some vehicles may become more common (like the Land Raider), simply because Eldar skimmers got worse. It's hard to justify 250 for a Land Raider when a Falcon is so much faster, more survivable, and has more mobile firepower than you. Of course, the Land Raider Crusader remains 10 gallons of kick-ass in a 5 gallon jug.