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Thread: Another IG regiment : the 2nd Selenia

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    Another IG regiment : the 2nd Selenia

    To be read first :
    I open this thread in January 2008 and I was far from the idea it could be one day 50 page long.
    To help people who maybe want to read it, It is time to add a real summary of the main subjects. It will need a few time to complete but...

    - Arvus Lighter (conversion) : page 52
    - Baneblade (conversion) : page 4
    - Colossus (scratch) : 49/50/51/52
    - Communication tower (scratch) : page 46/51
    - Field howitzer (Scratch) : page 42
    - Griffon (conversion) : page 48
    - Hydra (conversion) : page 40/45
    - Leman Russ (conversion) : page 2
    - Leman Russ LR1bis (scratch) : page 5
    - Light trucks VTL (scratch) : pages 7/8/9/10/11
    - Manticore (conversion) : page 41/44
    - Penal legion (conversion) : page 47
    - Salamander TRC (scratch) : page 3
    - Sentinels (conversion) : page 2/51
    - Skyshield landing pad (conversion) : page 50
    - Tank transporter (scratch) : pages 37/38/39
    - Valkyrie (conversion) : page : pages 18/42

    Hi Guys!
    This is my first attempt to show my figs there.
    The 2nd regiment comes from a world call Selenia and was built with some help from Cadian's advisors. Vehicles, support small arms and even battle equipement come from Cadia because of Selenia's lack of industrial facilites.

    I turn to the IG one year ago and at the beginning my idea was to built a 1500pts army but there is now something awfull called "apocalypse" and I'll try to upgrade to 3000 this year.

    The detachement itself :

    Senior officier Illescu and HQ

    The 1troop hardened veterans with assault weapons :

    I hope you like them and try to post regular units and armoured support next time.
    All comments are wellcome.
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