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Thread: The logic of icons

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    The logic of icons

    I know people are pretty sick of chaos threads but I'm opening this one up to see if my logic for icons works.

    One of the things I have noticed is that, with some exceptions, GW is moving away from "upgrade X to have Y for Zpts/model" thinking. But Part of chaos, the Marks system relies completely on this system to operate. The unit selection the Codex for Chaos space marines would of been a lot larger than it is if they had a marks heading saying Mark of <insert>for<insert>pts/model. Obviously something would have to replace this.

    First, and this is just a guess, they would of just thought of making a flat points cost, regardless of how many models, thats what you would pay. This idea is very sound but has one fatal flaw. It would sound like to any non-chaos player that the chaos marines would be getting a big freebie, bigger than the already complained about CCW, BP and bolter package, that idea was out. Someone also noticed that almost no-one bought the chaos icon in the old list. and so the concept of icon was born.

    The thing about the icon rule is two-fold: It gives chaos players the old marks at a set price, and can be used as a demonic summon homer. The problem is now, what happens when someone kills it. problem with icons because when its gone, so is the bonus associated with it. And thats the problem I have with it.

    Hows my logic so far?

    This can be expanded to cover why units that should have marks (possessed, Chosen and terminators) still have to take icons.

    Now, as a follow on, this is why the generic demons are, well, generic. Its a triple whammy for demons, because they can't take the icon because 1) they couldn't have marks in their pity box, it would make attention to the lack of marks in the rest of the book, and because of the variable size, someone may complain that bigger units got some for nothing, 2) by rules-mechanic they could actually lose the patronage of the god that created them to be an aspect of him and 3) The most imprtant one: It would mean that by rules mechanic demons can act, in the next turn as anchors for others to follow on, because remember the icon is also the demon homer.

    So, all up, does this explain to everyone why [I believe] Chaos lost icons for marks?
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