Hello, my name is fen. The main reason I finally stopped lurking as a guest was to post here in the project log section. Mostly because I want to get my Necromunda collection painted up and fully ready for action over this year. I'm hoping that having them logged together in one place will help motivate me and give a sense of accomplishment.

I still have no idea exactly how many minis are present in my Necro collection. Some of them are duplicates; some need repair work, but most of them need painting. I've been ducking counting exact numbers

I'm not starting from entirely scratch, I already have a few minis painted so I'll start out by putting those up in the next few posts. The initial aim is to paint enough minis from each gang to provide a reasonable selection for starting out, then go back and paint up the remainder.

First of all, some of the earliest minis I painted in my Necro collection:
The Goliaths - 4 of them complete

A lot of the other members of this gang are in various states of (in)completion, Goliaths aren't high up on my list of priorities though. I like the minis, but the gang has lousy skills.

Here's a WIP Yeld. It's almost finished but I lost interest and have since put it away until it's time to paint all of the Spyrers.