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    Smile Captain Brown's First Try at Eldar - Closed

    Well, with my Tau log starting to lose some momentum I decided to take a short break and pull out one of my earlier armies, partially for a change and partially to get the motivation to finish it. Long time read readers of the WarSeer Painting Support Group will note I have had 4 Dire Avengers and 1 Waveserpent left to paint…which have been on my painting ‘to-do’ list for ages.

    I first came across the Eldar with White Dwarf 105 in late 1988, although as an opponent…as Harlequins were not really my thing and did not capture my imagination. They were one of the lists in Rogue Trader, and other than their Shuriken Catapults being really inexpensive and making mince-meat of my Imperial Guard there were mostly a non-entity.

    I was not until July or August 1990 when White Dwarf 127 made it’s way to the hobby shops out here that my interest was piqued. After reading the background I became convinced this was the next army for me and immediately sought out some Eldar models…sadly it was the same time as everyone else and almost no Eldar were available in Canada.

    In the fall I found a few blisters (this is back when it was 5 lead models to a blister) so a small army of 5 Guardians, 6 Dire Avengers, 5 Howling Banshees, 6 Fire Dragons, a War Walker, a Farseer and a could say I started dabbling.

    My Eldar army really started in the fall of 1991 with the White Dwarf articles on the Alaitoc Craftworld and a posting in a message board on GW figures. I found someone in Richmond who wanted to sell off their Eldar army. So a visit out and at prices of fifty-cents a figure I picked up a whole load of them…I think my Dreadnought was $5. Then came the task of painting them, now the pictures I am uploading are what they look like today, granted most have been rebased and as some of the new releases came out I have picked up those from time to time to keep the army fairly current.

    Then in 1992 or 93 when Mark Dance was winning Golden Daemon awards he showed me some of the Phoenix Lords he was going to paint (he had recieved the early releases due to his painting success on a trip to the UK) and as soon as they were released I picked up several of them.

    Later I added a Falcon and updated my weapon’s platform and Dreadnought…if you look closely at them you will see a fusion of several editions of models.

    So I have decided to put up my Eldar as a painting log, even though some of them are a little ‘long-in-the-tooth’ and many were painted over fifteen years ago. A post in the WarSeer Painting Support Group has spurred me to do this as a member has bravely posted some of their work (they are new to the hobby and are learning to paint…with the arrival of the internet and photo-hosting you can show your early work immediately, where back when these were painted their were only text newsgroups).

    Here are some of the first Eldar painted around 1991-92 beginning with a Farseer who has had the first Eldar Avatar's Wailing Doom arm used to replace his pointing one. Notice the old green base with flock...

    Here is a unit of 12 Guardians and a Warlock, the Warlock and the Guardians with plastic arms were an addition around 1994 I think, while the 5 rigid posed Guardians were some of the first Eldar I painted in 1990 with the Eldar Pirate scheme from Rogue Trader including yellow helmets with tiger stripes, I have subsequently repainted them yellow to fit in with the Alaitoc scheme.

    Here are the first 5 Banshees painted in 1991 (yes, they are lead and their weapons bend a fair bit) and an Exarch who was added around 2000.

    The long painting war continues…

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