Soo...basically I bought a Kislev army because I thought they look cool and would be a fun army that noone else has. I don't know much about the rules, but have searched the archives here and people are saying they are just not very good. Now, I don't need to win every game, but I do like playing at least 50% of the hobby so I can't have an army that is unplayable, or won't make for a competitve game.

I've been reading the rulebook and I myself can't see why they wouldn't be good. I have 50 horsemen in 2000 points plus some kossars and either a bear fighter or an Ice Queen. Looks good on paper, but since I am not familiar with the other armies and have never played I really don't know.

Now, I know you can ally them, but if I bought a main army and took Kislev as allies, I couldn't use either of my characters and they are a big part of the army in my opinion. Also I couldn't take most of the models because you can't have that many allies. So that's out. Looks like my only real option besides swapping them out is to take an army and ally them with me. Any advice? Thanks.