If you carry an irrational, seething, white-hot hate for Eldar (VoodooBoyz, I am looking in your direction), let me pile up a few things which show how the Eldar will change in 5th ed (if the rumors are right):
- Falcons can now be penetrated. If they move fast, they can get a 5+ save and that's it.
- Falcons can now only move 18" a turn at most.
- Falcons can no longer fire 9 Heavy weapon shots per turn. The most they'll ever get is four S6 AP5 shots or two S6 AP2 shots.
- On the basic vehicle damage table, three of the six results destroy a Skimmer moving fast.
- Now when someone crashes in a vehicle, they take a S4 hit (rather than rolling 4+) which increases the likelihood that Eldar infantry are gonna die in a crash.
- Dark Reapers (or other stand-and-shoot models that you don't like) can no longer put a Guardian meatshield between them and your assaulters. If they can shoot you, you have a clear path by which to assault them.
- The only infantry Eldar have with a Scout move are Rangers/Pathfinders, and a lot of Eldar players don't take many of them. Point: Don't expect to see a lot of Scouting transports.

That's just off the top of my head. For the record, I think this is all excellent. For the first time in years I may start fielding a Falcon... because the guilt will be gone.

This isn't to say that Eldar won't be powerful still (in fact, some units -like Rangers/Pathfinders for example- get a boost)... but the scary stuff, the stuff that people complain about, take a major knock under these rumored changes.

Does it bother me? Absolutely not. I'm all about balance and fair play, and I've thought that Falcons are too powerful for a long time. Doesn't scare me at all. I'll still kick your ass*.

*Actual ass-kicking may or may not occur.