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Thread: The Snake bit me... Army painted Saim-Hann

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    The Snake bit me... Army painted Saim-Hann

    Alright people! I screwed it up bigtime last time i tried to paint my eldar army, I got above 3500 pts in joust models, gained from years of collecting. Some of these are favourites and painted, but not all. Last time I played with my eldar properly it was in the era of the Strike Force. I loved that army, and bought a lot of new models for it, but unfortunately, the wraithgate is gone... but now we have harlequins so I don't cry anymore.

    Anyway, a local tournament is at hand this spring and so I intend to get this mess fixed once and for all. I crave so much for titans and flyers but I promised myself to at least have 3000 pts of playable painted models before I buy any and start on them. Hopefully I'll be spending my autumn in Svalbard, and with the sun up 4 hours a day, I think I'll have lots of time painting titans... but that's then! Now I have an army to paint and I want all the critique, tips and cheers possibly mustered from here, otherwise, I'll probably not make it.

    Well, I've come a bit on my way. A lot of the models are sprayed with a red army painter and my farseer is done, pics shown below. Currently, jetbikes are zooming around my mind. Three is up for a start, but I've come across a problem:

    The paint is cracking...:wtf: I've never seen this before, and no matter how much I cover it with more paint, It joust won't matter, the crack is still there. Anybody got any soultion? Do you think its due to the spray or perhaps the fact that I've washed it? Anyway, you'll see the pics. I don't want to go greenstuffing this thing but perhaps I have no choice?

    I also have a problem with my washes concerning glossyness. The models washed has become all glossy, even though I've tried a dishwash solution. Got any tips? I've done it based on a red wash from the old days, in the tall pots with the blue top...

    Here's some pictures:

    So what do you think? Is the highlight to dull, should i lighten it up? The freehand on the front of the robe (black on white, at the feet) is somewhat crappy, but I was tired and slipped, now I don't care to fix it. But other stuff is upcomming! I'll work some on the bikes tonight, perhaps some more pics tomorrow...

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