Disclaimer: Not a GW price rant.

Basically I'd like to start off this thread with a statement: I LOVE THE WARSTORE. I'm a Canadian citizen, and I just ordered a marine commander, dark angel veterans, and a razorback squad... it came to 70 dollars with shipping. I tally up what this would have cost me in Canada with tax, yup, it's $140. I got GW, brand new, half off. I'm not stating this as if I'm the only one who gets these kinds of deals... It just feels great realizing how much I just saved. I know buying from places like thewarstore undermines hobby stores, but I'm currently a near-broke student who just models, and doesn't get to play. When I find a hobby store that I play in, I'll more than gladly support it and buy my stuff there. But for now, I can't see any reason not to save so much money in this way.

Now I turn to your experiences. Where does everyone get their stuff? Off the shelves at GW, or your hobby store? Online? Ebay?

(I'm just signing up for Ebay now, as I'm getting into Inquisitor thewarstore doesn't carry that stuff. Any tips/tactics from you Ebay pirates would be much appreciated.)


P.S. If this is in the wrong forum, please move accordingly!