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Thread: Why does LOTR face such hositity from the gaming comunity?

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    Why does LOTR face such hositity from the gaming comunity?

    Firstly I am posting this here as I want to get the general opinion on this matter from a cross section of the community as opposed to the LOTR fanbase hence I think this topic is more suited to here as opposed to the LOTR forum.

    Essentially the question is in the topic, LOTR in my experience is often greeting with distain and often downright hostility by much of the more estabished gaming community and I'm honestly curious as to why. Mostly when I ask this question to gamers in person I get a selection of muttering about kids, or too simple rules. Neither of which In my experience are true or necessarily bad things. I'm looking for constructive reasons as to the reasons this game seems to be held in such low regard.

    I can accept people not playing the game if it doesn't appeal to them, that's life, but many gamers seem to wish the game ill and want to see it banished from the shelves.

    Any input is welcome.
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