As some of you may have noticed, my current Necromunda gang is somewhat plasma-heavy. It's also quite successful, with three wins and one moral victory under its belt - and because I'm so proud of the paint-job, I thought I'd share the kinky devils of the Hellbitches with you.

You poor fools.
L-R: Black Tanya, Kristine X, Sister Silent, Nikki Divine, Alice Darque; the Gimp
L-R: Wildsnake Bliss, Poli Stirene, Ms Easy, Jessi Sioux, 'Auto' Shay; Marya Plastik... and, in the background, Meat the Ogryn (not yet hired).

The roster, with tales of their exploits, can be found on this remarkable website just here.

I warmly welcome all comments, thoughts, and (constructive!) criticism about the paint job and gang - so get commenting!