Long have I spoken of this, and long have I worked. A mere few minutes ago, a sealed and stamped envelope containing a printed copy of the rules arrived in my mail. Meaning that I now have the proof I need (that I was first basically) to dare put it on the net for your playtesting.

The game is a try to move away from GW's and other companies typical set of gaming, and as such, I have tried to go for the more chess-like aproach of only allowing one activision per turn. I have also strived to achieve whatever level of realism I could in this, which is the reason as to why broadsides always will hit, and why morale and efficiency may well sink. This has however led to bookkeeping being necessary, something I am not proud of, and it does indeed detract slightly from the gaming experience, but as long as you remember to note down what happens emmediately, this should not be a problem. There are a few other points I'd like to make before introducing you to the game itself though.

First of all, the game is designed to be played with Airships, one can do battle with armies of Hunter Squadrons facing off, however, this often results in a pure meatgrinder where manouverabillity doesn't really matter much. So I advice you to play using at least a Light Class Interceptor or two allong with Hunter Squadrons when playing small gamelevels. Furthermore, I advice players not to send in one ship at a time into the slugfest, this may seem simple and good, however, you will come to notice that you actually do need to keep all your ships active through the use of manouvering in order to win. A mere grindfest will result in the player first realising that it may be an idea to do something else winning.

I am also currently working on objectives, however, I need help with this, so, if anyone after playtesting can come up with ideas on how to do objectives, I am open to suggestions. So, at the moment, it's "Kill or be killed" that the game circles arround.

I have yet to find an ideal size for the gaming board though, 15 by 15 or 20 by 20 squares is probably one of the better options I'd say, but feel free to try different sizes of your board.

I am also open to other forms of critique as well, I am putting up this first public version of the rules for a reason. I need playtesting from other people than me and a handfull of my gaminggroup (big thanks to BattleofLund) to make this a good game which I can produce models and expansions for.

Now, onto the world:


For those who can't be bothered to check the above link, it includes artwork and the following information

The world is earth, the timeline however, is alternate. The game is set during the late nineteenth century (say 1870) through the early 20th century (say up untill 1910 or somesuch) just to give you an idea of the general feel of the world.
It's steampunk, or at least mainly steampunk. The world has been at war for over thirty years, and during this time, ground invasions and sea battles have been important, however, there is one thing that has taken even more importance, the airships. Massive fleets of airships and Hunter Squadrons have taken to the skies during the latest years. They have almost always been there, but never to this extent.

The two first nations to be introduced will be the Indragan Lands (still to decide on a location) and the Lurini Commonwealth (name is still pending, location is the contries and areas arround the mediterranean).

The Indragan Lands has been known for heir brutallity and cunning at war, and especially for one thing, their focus on Hunter Squadrons, I have tried to emphasise this by designing their Massive Class carrier similar to a modern Carrier, and their Hunter planes have been designed with both Double Deckers and WWII planes in mind.

The Lurini Commonwealth has risen through the 19th century and is an alliance of Greek and Italian origin, where the two nations set out to conquer the world like Cesar and Alexander before him. They build a heavy nationalist feeling upon their heritage of poetry, legendary heroes and powerful cultures. They specialise in big things, their Massive Classes are the strongest arround and they are also the largest. I have tried to draw lines similar to both gyro-punk and old greek and roman ship-designs.

There are also bits and pieces on the different nations found in the rules themselves.

That is what I've got so far, however, once I've balanced and completed the two main nations, Lurini and Indragan, I'll start development on another two fleets which I plan to release as an expansion to this.

Anyhow, I take it you guys want the game as well?

Do note

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The above is jut a small piece to make sure no corporate worker yoinks it and sells it to some bigshot mini-company To everyone planning to do so, do remember that I have a sealed envelope with a post office stamp on it, containing the rules presented below. Yes, I am paranoid

Now, enjoy. And suggestions as to improvements and the likes are most, most, most welcome. And I urge you, playtest the game. Do note, the filesize I originally used was not allowed on Warseer, and as such, I had to cut the Example images from the original document. The examples are however, attatched in a J.Peg document, I suggest to print them as well (or copy them into the text of your copy where you find appropriate).

Enjoy :d