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    Project Belfegork

    Hello everyone!

    Thought i put up my army and ongoing projects within it here on warseer. Never done it before but I think its a great way of getting stuff done! And a good way of showing what I think of when i create my units.

    Well first let me tell you about my greenskin waagh, how it became what it is now.
    I have played greenskins for ages, with some gaps on a couple of years here and there. Thus my painting and buildingstyle have changed alot over time and thatīs why i sold most of my old greenies a few times. So now im trying to build myself some 5000p worth of O&G to be able to field different styles every time i play.

    Belfegork is the name of my Warboss and he has now amassed himself a 3000p painted Waaaagh! The core is set and whats left to build, paint is the fillout and nutty stuff.

    So, here are some pictures.. Im not good with the camera, but im trying to learn. I just took these to have something to show for the moment and there will be more better closeups on the characters and other cool stuff later on. Please feel free to comment on what i could do better or if theres something you like or wonder about.


    First of is my hardest unit in the army, my 20 Black Orcs led by my Warboss Belfegork, a black orc. He himself is based on a ogre to make him really big. This is because he wears Armor of Gork, granting him +1T and in my mind if an orc gets more powerful he grows in some way to show that. Thus he is now massive with a T6!! And he is quite impossible to miss..
    The Blorcs are built from normal orcs and chaossprues and i put as much armor on them as i saw fit. And spiky bits.

    Next is my newest unit, 25 Savage Orcs, sometimes going to be Big Uns.. I based them on normal orcs. This is because i want a more mountain-feel to my army. So i call these Orc Berserkers instead, magic armor insted giving 6+WS but no normal armor.

    30 Orcs with spears. Im going to remove the spears and add choppas instead. Its my oldest orc block and for some reason i gave them spears. Wich i regret more and more but never feel like change. But some day.. some day i will change all those arms! The bannerdude is my black orc battle standard bearer currently under work. Not much left just some details and weathering.

    Another Orc Block, 25 of them with choppas. Led by old Grimgor, now reduced to a bigboss.

    2x12 Arrerboys. Yes, i use them and i actually like them alot! People tend to overlook them because theyre crap at shooting.. but they can still fight! theyre a great filler on the flanks, or to put shamans in and so forth. Bad and rushed paintob tho. Had to piant them up for a tournament so they recieved a bit less love on the banners and details. Going to remedy that soon!

    12 Boar Boys, led by a orc big boss. Nothing much to say there.. Love the models! That i can say

    Rocklobbers. The older models, very nice. i like them more than the newer.

    Orc Chariot, up for an repaint sometime.

    Orc Shaman, love the model!

    Night Goblin Shaman, sweet model. On his back he have a glowing mushroom sticking out of a bag, ill post some more pics later.

    Goblin Bigboss, Chariot. Old Grom the paunch of Misty Mountains suits perfectly as the leader of my wolf pack in his chariot. Only problem is that it has 3 wolves and its not allowed to upgrade chariots unless its a normal special choice. I usually do it anyway unless someone strongly objects to that "powerbuild" Noone have, yet.

    Speaking of Wolfs.. Heres a unit of 10 but they are still lacking shields. Next thing i will paint!

    2x5 Wolf Riders with short bows. very high deathrate on these hehe

    2 Goblin Spear Chuckas, never leave home without them.

    3 Night Goblin Squigherder Teams with 9 squigs. These guys are left over from my first army. Too cool to sell. The much brighter colors are a sign of my early work. Think i painted them right after they were released..Oh the time, where does it go?

    Last but not least is my Giant. Gave him a helmet, some bodyhair (the dude looked like a big baby before!!) including eyebrows, hair in armpits, belly and such. Theres so many details on him so ill post some nice pics on him later.

    Thats whats somewhat finished. On the list "to do" is:

    -Berserker Orc Warboss in a chariot. Heavily converted making him look like Arnold as an orc! Im very pleased with him so far and the paintjob will be awesome, atleast it is in my mind.

    -Berserker Orc Shamanlord (with boots +1A and Skull Wand of Kaloth he could become quite scary)

    -12 Berserker Orc Boarboys/Big Uns (If points allow). Very expensive and im not sure i will get the points back but if i ever get to charge something juicy with them its worth it all. Ok so Khorne Chosen are better but theyre not present in my list.. ! Maniacs on boars are more fun! Animosity and frenzy, what can go wrong?

    -Berserker Big Boss on a boar. For the above.
    -Night Goblin Shaman.
    -Goblin Chariot
    -10 Spider Riders. Dont know what to do with these.. got them from a friend that had an idea of making them Centaur-style but gobbo-spider instead. The original forestgoblin spiders are gone and instead i have wolfriders to use.. Not so pretty. Might just build up the spideys and use them with invisible riders.. Dunno really.

    -3 Stone Trolls. Gonna build them to learn how to sculp from scratch. Possibly making River Trolls too. Time will tell.

    -Warboss on a Wyvern, Scratchbuilding the whole model after i have done everything else. Guess it will be quite some time until that will happen!

    Well, after or in between i want to get my hands on some Night Goblins and their crazy machines and other stuff for my shamans to feel a bit more at home. Guess im buying a Skull Pass and split it with my dad. He plays Dwarfs.

    Allright, im sorry for so much writing but if you come this far please leave a comment! I will update once in a while with WIPīs and pics, stay tuned...

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