I'm sick of "GW must die" threads. Instead, I'm going to talk about how awesome space hulk and Mordheim are, and ask the community for their own favorites.

Space Hulk. It's awesome. I'm going to make it a part of my training program for my new painter hires (they've all got to wargame in some way shape or form to understand who their painting for).

Mordheim, I find it even more awesome. Getting my painters familiar with wargaming is one thing, but if I can get them to WANT to wargame, then I think Mordheim would be good for a company league. They don't have to paint many figs (cheaper, less time to convert up an army), they can work on them as the league progresses, and the rules are mostly elegant.

And I want an excuse to go back to work in my Skaven... .

Does anyone have any ideas for good, easy, GW games that I can use to supplement my staff's training / get them to try out wargaming? Nothing too fig intensive, 40K combat patrol is the upper end (I haven't played WH Fantasy Warbands, so any info if this would be viable or not, is appreciated).