Since I enjoyed the both daunting and enlightening thread that was 'Convince me to read a Manga' in which I asked my fellow members to coax me into tasting eastern promices, I thought It would be interesting to start a thread pretty much based on all areas of comic bookery, for Recomendations, Reviews and all that kind of stuff, no area is beyond discussion, from spin offs like the Halo graphic novel to manga and other stuff from all around the world.

To kick things off, Since I doubt you want to read through my big essay of thoughts in one go, I'll just point out one interesting thing I came across recently.

Having read Ghost in the Shell and researched its related titles, I was supprised to come across an interesting little referance in the Alien V Predator omnibus vol 2. In it there is a character called Shirow, a coincidence I thought, until later on we see his ship is called 'appleseed' and in it is a photo of him with two women, drawn in a subtle manga style, one of which is clearly Mokoto from Ghost in the Shell, this made me smile, but also made me think that if I hadn't have looked into manga, I would'nt have got it, and manga fans who abstain from regular comics are missing out on little titbits like this.

More from my comic book odyssey later, In the mean time, anybody read any crackers lately?