Veteran Watchmaster Max Kessler viewed the scene through the cupola periscope of his Chimera. The column had stopped and formed a defensive perimeter around the super-heavy tank detachment. The reason for the halt was a small group of buildings in the middle distance which he could see were being searched by mounted Death Riders attached to his unit of the 3rd Krieg Tank Division. Why was it so quite? Why had there been no action for the last 8 days? It was as if the Chaos forces had abandoned the landscape. This was obviously not the case as he could plainly see dead Chaos militia around the smoking buildings ahead. Their disgusting emblems were daubed all over the walls and he could see Krieg guardsmen hanging from hastily erected gallows. It was obviously not an Imperial victory! But why had his unit not found action. He couldn’t decide if no action was a good thing. It was allowing his men some respite from the near continuous engagements over the last 6 months. Alternatively, much more of this inactivity might dull the high state of sharpness that had kept them all alive for so long. What was he talking about? All alive, he only had 4 of his original 10 man Panzer Grenadier Squad left from the original men which landed on this God-forsaken planet. Vraks..............

This new unit, to which Kessler now belonged, had been formed a week ago to counter reports of Chaos Titans in the Alpha-Six sector. The 3rd Krieg Tank Division had combined 4 of its 9 remaining Super-Heavy tanks to hunt out and destroy Chaos Titans, plain and simple, “Titan Hunters”. Commissar Kommels’, still in tact, 2nd Heavy Tank Squadron of the 3rd Krieg Tank Regiment was attached to Colonel Heinrich’s Shadowsword to form the hitting power required. Panzer Grenadiers and Mechanised Infantry protected the tanks from infantry attack. Death Riders were the scouts.

Where were the reported Titans?

An open-topped truck from the 150th Mechanised Infantry regiment platoon was now heading for the buildings. Cannon fodder! Kessler much preferred the protection of his Krieg pattern Chimera. The foot-sloggers were sitting ducks if anyone decided that now was the time to ................ The truck, about 20 yards in front of his Chimera, erupted into a fireball. Burning guardsmen clambered from the back and threw themselves onto the ground. The silence of just a second ago was replaced by a deafening noise of explosions and weapons fire. Kessler could plainly see the unmistakable shape of the Chaos Warhound Titan emerging from the side of a hill about a mile to their left. The Chimera’s Vox crackled to life and rapid orders were calmly but sternly relayed to the Krieg units. “I guess we have found the Titan” Kessler thought as he began to traverse the Chimera’s turret to bring the Autocannon to bear on the nearest Chaos scum ............................

Hi everbody. Have taken a bit of a break from the Elysians in the "RED ONE" log. I'm sure they will rise again when I've got the Death Korps bug out of my system. I started to talk about my DK ideas in the "RED ONE" log but decided to start a new log. I intend to use the same Doctrines as the Death Korps siege regiments with the exception of the "Heavy Weapons Sqds" being replaced by "Grenadiers" to allow me to take Panzer Grenadiers as troops. The initial army list is as follows:

“DEATH’S HEAD” - 3rd Krieg Tank Division

“Titan Hunter” Detachment


Iron Discipline
Die Hards
Hardened Fighters
Storm Trooper Sqds
Rough Rider Sqns

(HQ) Colonel Heinrich

(HQ) Quartermaster Babel + 3 Servitors
In Cebrius

(Elite) Combat Engineers Sqd (Flamer/Heavy Flamer/Demo charges)
In Engineers Pattern Chimera

(Elite) Panzer Grenadier Command Sqd (5 man) (Heavy Stubber/Grenade Launcher)
In Armoured Centaur

(Troops) Panzer Grenadier Sqd (Heavy Flamer/Melta/Flamer/Demo charges)
In Mk 2(Krieg) Pattern Chimera

(Troops) Panzer Grenadier Sqd (Heavy Flamer/Melta/Flamer/Demo charges)
In Mk 2(Krieg) Pattern Chimera

(Troops)Infantry Sqd, 150th Mechanised Infantry
In Krupp Infantry Truck

(Troops) Infantry Sqd, 150th Mechanised Infantry
In Krupp Infantry Truck

(Fast Attack) Death Rider Squadron

(Super Heavy Deatchment)
Super Heavy Tank Sqn. Commissar Kommel

Below are my first figures:

1st Sqd, 4th Platoon, 1st Company, 150th Mechanised Infantry

Death Korps Mechanised Infantry

Death Korps Mechanised Infantry

Watchmaster and Voxcaster

Continuied ......................................