just had a look at the Vampire release in March. A third is "mail order only". It is getting more and more. WD and catalogue are full of ads for buying from GW's online shop. Some of the best and most popular miniatures are only available directly. A new software is currently installed to expand the online-shop capacity.

Why is that so. Is GW really fed up with all those damned indie stores trying to sell GW stuff? Does GW think that they don't need brick and mortar stores but that tabletop games are a self-runner? Do they think that a mail order only business (no demo games, no advice, no real life gaming board) will help with GW's financial problems?

It has been a time of weird knee-jerk decisions lately (close BI, fire chief editor Marc Gascoigne). Is this another one without economic reasons, crippling the future of GW?