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    Tommygun's Backwater Forgeworld

    I have several projects in the works right now. I thought I might combine them into one log. First up is a heavy tank. Here is my attempt at a Macharius tank. I'm using a Banblade main hull and turret and the track assembly from a Land Raider. This version is armed with a vulcan auto cannon, but the barrels are removable, so I can change the armament. I started this tank 6 months ago but, put it aside until I saw Vemetic's tank log. So this is what I have and what I want it to be.

    Aquila Lander & Thunderbolt:


    Custom gargoyles:

    Thunderbolt Painted:

    Warhound finished:

    Marauder Destroyer:

    Marauder Painting:

    Blasta Bomber:

    Orkimedes and "Phatt Boy":


    Dread Line:

    Valkyrie & Ork Trucks:

    Ironclad dreadnought:

    Hammer Time:

    Nobs & Things:

    Box O Dread:

    Imperial Art Deco:
    And Here:
    Here too:

    Battle Wagon:

    Exorcist & Immolator:

    Modular armored troop design:


    Vendetta Valkyrie Mod:

    Death Roller:



    Cadian 3rd Inf Div :

    Goblin Junknot:

    Penal Legion:

    lasgun to M4/M16:

    The Emperor's new clothes:

    Chain Axes:


    Sherman Russ:


    M7 FIST/ Hellhound, M163/Hydras and M106 mortar carriers/Griffins :

    Chimera/Bradley are Done!:

    Steve Tid's Vulture template:

    Heavy Support Imperial Guard:

    Full Frontal 7th Cavalry of Cadia's 3rd ID, Troop Crazy Horse:

    SOC-R Riverene boat:

    Custom Bases:

    Generic Camo Troops:

    Snake in a Box; More camo markers:

    Black Knights vehicles:
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