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Thread: Build a world thread! Detail a world of your choosing!

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    Build a world thread! Detail a world of your choosing!

    After seeing how well 'An Imperium of one million worlds' thread went and its popularity I kinda got an idea. So respect goes to Apologist for starting that thread and giving me this idea.

    Worldbuilder Thread!
    Create a world from scratch or use an existing world and detail it at length! Add whatever information regarding the world andits inhabitants, climate and weather, flora and fauna, coordinates, major sights and significant occurances. Literally everything you can think of! One world per post and add to it when you come up with something new for it. Think of this as the lonely planet guide to your planet!

    Link to world key template

    I will start...

    World Key...
    ... to Rhidins... a temperate world of high cliffs and archipelago. The loyal citizens here fought a war against the orks, and won. Rhidins produces food and rare minerals for Port Maw and Praetoria.

    My home county in the UK, Yorkshire.

    Basic Info
    Segmentum: Obscuras
    Sector: Gothic
    Sub-sector Albion
    System Woad

    Surveyed Unknown, Thought to have been shortly before first landings by settlers during the dark age of technology.
    First colony landing Before imperial records began, brought into the imperium without problems during the Great Crusade.
    Declination [index key lost] [corrupted data]
    Coordinates x621 y290


    Physical Statistics and commentary
    Two Moons in static parallel orbit; Luna and Umbra.
    10 Surveryor/geopositionary arrays

    Celestial phenomena
    2 extra solar Asteroid belts providing shielding from outside asteroid/meteor strikes.

    ~4000 km

    zero point nine seven of earth

    Population, See also society
    1,569,660 divided up with 54.6% being male.

    Rotation Speed
    540 mph

    Due to the relatively high mass of the planet and gravitic effect of other solar bodies the orbit is roughly flat and equal with no diversifying effects on climate.

    Day Length
    26 hours

    Year length
    450 days or 15 months. Each month equals 30 days.

    Climate classification
    Cold - Temperate - Humid

    Mean Surface Temperature
    14 - 22 degrees celcius

    Tropospheric Composition
    Catagorised as class M planet, or within 0.02 divergence of earth.

    Relatively short Summer of 3 months and likewise winter, Spring and Autumn are significantly longer than standard due to orbit. Spring is the longest season being 5 months long and Autumn 4.

    Climatic Regions
    Polar regions nominally tundral moorland or mountainous. Ice covered for ~ 13.216 months of the year.
    Tropic bands between poles roughly equal temperature between polar and equatorial temperatures, average temperature in these regions is 8 degrees celcius.
    Equatorial regions form greatest area and main continental masses are found here, average temperature for these regions are 14 degrees celcius.

    Climatic Phenomenon
    Rainy season - Average days of rainfall per year is 180.

    Polar regions typically home to mosses, grasses and Heather, few trees grow here due to thin soil.
    Tropic areas dominated by pine forests, deciduous tree types less dominant. Grasses and heather dominant in higher areas, lower areas dominated by meadow plants, grasses and Goarse. Some rare and endangered small flowering plants present.
    Equatorial regions typically deforested to make way for agriculture, where agriculture is absent deciduous forest is dominant.

    Domesticated mammals introduced by humanity:
    Domesticated mammals such as grox, bovinus communus and other common cattle common in agricultural areas and tropics.
    Other domesticated mammals are kept as pets such as all breeds of Feline including rare instances of Gyrinx. Al breeds of Canis are kept as pets.
    Pheasant was also introduced by humanity. Vermin such as rats, mice and rabbits.
    Native Fauna:
    Small hunting felines called Crylyx. Small hunting canis called NeaFox. Countless species of birds, typically sea birds.
    Insect life is common and typically flying, local equivalents of Bee's and wasps deadly.

    Major topograhical items
    2 major landmasses, East, West, North and South Rhidins.
    22 minor islands.
    East Rhidins is sepperated from North Rhidins by a ridge of mountains called "Wolds". A Mountain range called "the Pennites" enclose North Rhidins to the south and west which these then link in the north west of the island with high moorland which then continues south to join up with the north eastern tip of the "Wolds"
    The area enclosed by these mountains and moors are called the plains of Jurv. See economy.
    East Rhidins is mostly gently rolling hills in the north of that region and flat drained boggy land to the south. North and East Rhidins make up a single continent denoted by Imperial Records as Rhidins Prime.
    South Rhidins is gently rolling hills and flat plains prone to flooding. See economy.
    West Rhidins is made up of 64% moorland that has been extensively urbanised. The remaining 36% is equally made up of deciduous Forest, reservoirs and lakes and farmland. West and South Rhidins make up a single continent denoted by Imperial Records as Rhidins Secundus.
    Several Small Islands to the west of North Rhidins are inhabited by the remnants of an Ork invasion.

    Socio-economic data
    Cities and towns
    Capital is Jurv in region named North Rhidins. Known for its massive Cathedral and pre imperial ruins found underneath the city streets.
    Second city is Ledz in region of South Rhidins, though Ledz is more heavily populated than Jurv, Jurv was founded long before Ledz.
    Steelfields is the third city not far from Ledz in the region of South Rhidins. This city is reknown for its forges and Steelfields power swords company.
    Forth city is the pit known as 'ull, a dreary and smelly place known for its massive port that services the East/North Rhidins continent.
    Harrow sits on the edge of the north west limit of North Rhidins. A pretty stepped city.
    White Bay, a decrepit run down fishing port on the northernmost tip of North Rhidins. Home to a large soldiers retirement settlement.
    Bridestown, on the border between North and South Rhidins on the east coast. Another decrepit fishing port.
    Skiarborr, halfway between the previous two entries on the north east coast of North Rhidins. Another rotting fishing port.
    Maltings Town, a quaint market town known for its breweries.
    Barnsdale, South Rhidins town known for its many manufactoria dedicated to the production of clothing.
    Hecclestown, (south Rhidins) known for its exceedingly fine cakes.
    Bardsford, a neglected industrial town in South Rhidins, prone to rioting.
    Hudgestown, West Rhidins town known for its universities and stepped yet green urbanisation.
    Illsmoor, South Rhidins moorland town known for its gardens and those who tend to them. The Rhidins world anthem was written here.
    Streamsdale Fort, in South Rhidins, site of the ruins of pre imperial fortification. Now a transport hub for the whole of the Region, Known for its manufactoria that used to produce clothing but now given over to transport maintainance.

    Mostly agricultural; 15% of the population works in agriculture or services depending on or by agriculture. 96.3% of farms are owned by private companies who make extortionate profit off selling what they produce. Rhidins exports ~80% of the food it produces to Port Maw and Praetoria.
    Service industries such as communication nodes employ a further 30%.
    20% of the population work for the government of Rhidins or the distribution of commodities such as working in shops or markets.
    5% work in mining. A much kept secret by the government are the deep veins of metals and precious gems. Most notably is the rare black gemstone called Jet. The government on Rhidins manipulates the data regarding instances of minable materials in the hope they can ask a greater price for what they actually do produce.
    Unemployment runs at around 30%, most of the employed live in the east and north rhidins on account of the loss of the fishing industry and closure of mines that were still operable, additionally, farming has been modernised to the level that most of the industry is automated.

    The people of Rhidins are depressed, lack of adaquate well paid work means that few luxuries can be afforded. Although the imperium is supposed to be a classless society this is a dirty lie. Those who work for the government are the upper classes, those who work for the private farming companies or those in managerial role are generally the middle classes and anyone else is working or lower class.
    Basically, those of a lower class hates those higher up, this was not always as severe as it is today, but it is caused by the perception that those with wealth have gathered it at the cost of the poor and vulnerable.
    However, those who succeed in the Scholam may be granted access to the Imperial Universities either on Rhidins or off world. Should someone escape in this method they may succeed elsewhere in the Imperium.

    Theological situation
    Nominally Lectitio Divinius, the people of Rhidins are not as pious as most worlds (weekly attendance at sermons is 15.23%). The people of Rhidins instead work hard in their jobs.
    Other sects of the imperial creed are most common in South and West Rhidins, these sects are looked upon with mistrust and sometimes outright disgust by the greater population. This has led to some faith based rioting in some towns.

    Normal Citizen personal income on average
    12k credits per annum. While not poor savings are typically low.
    The unemployed are entitled to a small pittance in support that isnt enough to live on, each city has at least one ghetto where the unemployed live.

    Water Supply
    North and East Rhidins are supported by a mixture of natural springs and underground rivers.
    South and west Rhidins are supported by reservoirs.
    There is no desalination in use on Rhidins.

    Principle Exports
    Agricultural produce - mostly grain and meat destined for Port Maw and Praetoria.
    Bohls (said Bowls) Blue, a dedicated oil producing shrub.
    Other forms of Oil producing crops.

    Secondary exports
    Imperial tithes require almost all metals and plastics produced on Rhidins. The true actual amount that could be produced is vastly higher due to government corruption.
    As metals; gemstones and crystals produced in the mines of Rhidins are either syphoned off by the wealthy or Sold elsewhere.

    Tithe Grade and status
    Agriculture: secundus extremis
    Mining: tertius Maxis

    Notable Locations
    The Great Cathedral of Jurv, an excellent example of early imperial gothic architecture.
    The Wolds mountain range, a mixture of Chalk and Limestone. The top soil is a relatively fertile chalk/clay that is suitable for some hard wearing grain crops and oil producing plants. In the growing months the wolds are a beautiful tapestry of colours and textures due to the crops grown here.
    The Pennites. Limestone and sandstone. Moorland unsuitable for arable farming, thus mostly cattle. This area is well known for its rugged bueaty.
    North Jurv Moors to the north of the Wolds are also an area of natural beauty. Rugged and difficult for transport.
    Plains of Jurv - a massive basin through which numerous rivers flow, typically flood plains, this area is incredibly fertile and from the Pennites and Wolds form an incredible vista of natural and man made beauty. The colours and textures in both the growing seasons and autumn have been known to bring visitors to tears.
    The Walls of Jurv, made by pre imperial settlers to protect the city, now mostly in ruins but are protected by Imperial Sanction due to the early Imperial aquilas found in places. A large watchtower stands atop a considerable earthwork at the intersection of the two rivers that pas through Jurv.
    Numerous citadels stud the landscape, notably Skiarborr, 'Ull, Ledz (ruined),
    White Bay is the site of a ruined Cathedral. There are many ruined Cathedral around the whole of Rhidins, suggesting a war of faith may have occured during the long night. All cathedrals are pre imperial and where they have survived have been converted to Lectitio Divinitus.
    The Dragonshead Swamp between the wolds and 'Ull. Named in this manner because of the strange dragon shaped rocks protruding from it.
    Within in the Swamp is the River Ull and on its banks is the Mesa of Saint Roosil.
    Several of the island to the west of North Rhidins, these are known the simple names of Red and then a number.

    Notable Citizens
    Saint Roosil: Born on Praetoria 401965, came to Rhidins to study the Dragonshead Swamp. He not only drained the swamp but brought about an agricultural revolution in the area of East Rhidins. He later found deep underground salt caverns in underneath East Rhidins. During this time he made A rocky mesa his base of operations and this Mesa still stands as his memorial today. Less well known is what he found in the salt caverns, a deamon from a time when the Eldar were still masters of the known universe. Roosil's intervention in the swamp had weakened its power until a ignorant farmer damaged the deamons' container aloowing it to influence the world again. Taking responsibility for the strange occurances that happened in East Rhidins Roosil raised an army and set upon a crusade out past the Halo Zone and found not only a means to contain the deamon but the long lost Athenus sector. Saint Roosil was lost age 60 during his second crusade out past the Athenus Subsector and was sainted for his endeavors on both Athenus and Rhidins. He returned to Rhidins 500 years after his disapearance with one of the ships he built, with him returned the 1st Regiment of Rhidins. Both Roosil and his men were subject to a inquisitorial investigation by Inquisitors Ravenholm and Callie Mar. Saint Roosil resides in Jurv and is Governor Militant.

    The man known as Inquisitor Ravenholm, not his real name, he was born 30 years prior to the 13th Black Crusade. During this time he was seconded to the Athenus sector after his master met his death at the hands of a Chaos Cult on Athenus. Recommended for Sainthood by the people of the Athenus subsector for his activities in keeping the peace and prosperity of the region.

    Non military history

    Military considerations
    Military bases
    Jurv and Hull have major military bases and home to the majority of Rhidins regular troops.
    8 Pre Imperial ground based defense silos are interspersed around Rhidins. Unknown to the government and its populace is that these silos are automated defenses and each houses a powerful A.I. construct that has been watching over the people of Rhidins since before the Long Night. These Silos are totally self reliant and benevolent. [InquisInsert - Ravenholm - this data is to be considered FYI Inquis only! Keep the cogheads away!. end insert]

    Military history
    A significant Ork Waagh landed in North and South Rhidinsn and several of the small islands to the west of North Rhidins. The people of Rhidins rose up as one to combat the threat and the Orks were utterly destroyed on the two major continents, magos biologis were amazed by the Rhidins military abilities in destroying utterly the invaders, this lead (to some extent) to the development of Ork spore prevention techniques.
    During the 13th Black Crusade a single Chaos cruiser penetrated as far as Rhidins for no apparent reason. The cruiser was thought to be a trator Mechanicus prototype. The craft was shot down by Silo 2 (see above), unfortunately the force it carried assaulted Ull, Saint Roosil's Mesa and destroyed a small town named Beverslay. Inquisitor Ravenholm, his henchpersons, a retired Necromundan Company, Local regular army and [classfied - see Forces currently on planet] destroyed those that assualted the Mesa. The forces that assaulted Ull were a decoy and were utterly destroyed by both Silo 2 and the City' defenses.

    Rhidins military is atypical of most Imperial worlds in that it holds a Regular Force under arms, although this is considered illegal by Imperial Law the lesser known statute revision in the run up to the 13th Black Crusade means that this is now legal. 100,000 regular Guardsmen reside in barracks at all times. These men are incredibly well trained and receive extra training -support and advisors from the Old Soldiers retirement village in White Bay.

    Battles, conflicts and wars
    2 Invasions both destroyed.
    - The Hun, Ork Waaaagh ~2 million individuals. Losses 1.37 Million.
    - Rocco Margess, Death Guard Captain, 420,000 est. individuals. Losses 35,000 civilians in Beverslay, 746 Ull, 129 St Roosil Mesa.
    Ongoing small scale skirmishes with Orks that build craft to cross the Oceans from the small western Isles

    Forces currently on planet
    1st Regiment Prince of Rhidins Own Regiment of Foot - 40,000 - Joint Task Force
    1st Regiment of Rhidins Verderers - 40,000 - Light Infantry
    1st Regiment Jurv Lifeguard - 20,000 - Heavy Weapons companies
    Ye Olde Man, BaneBlade - 1 Baneblade - official varient, unknown Forgeworld.

    Forces currently off planet and why
    1st Rhidins - [Classified information by Order. Inquisitor Ravenholme]
    [password accepted]
    1st Rhidins returned to Rhidins with Saint Roosil after 500 years missing. Fully half the remaining regiment (1500) grav chuted or valkyried to Saint Roosil's Mesa during the assault by Cultists and Death Guard. Entire regiment found to be able to regenerate wounds. Reason: [data removed : ident Ravenholm]
    2nd Rhidins - On tour on Cadia or that subsector - precise location unknown.
    3rd Rhidins - Peacekeeping - Athenus Sector.
    The Hand of Mercy - Flagship - Saint Roosil's 1st and Second Crusade - Current Location unknown - last seen leaving system alongside The Cormorant(Ravenholm)

    Current military status
    On alert - skirmishes with Ork Pirates common

    Other Concerns
    Orbital scanners show that after the failed 13th Black Crusade Invasion, Ork population halved with no signs of combat. Scattered, distorted communications suggest the escape of someone called Badgutz.
    Update tomorrow!
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