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Thread: mrtn's Southlands Beastmen and other fantasy armies and warbands

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    mrtn's Southlands Beastmen and other fantasy armies and warbands

    Well, I thought I should celebrate my 500th post by starting a painting log over here on Warseer as well. This log will include pictures of my chaos army, but also pics of my Mordheim stuff and whatever else strikes my fancy.

    Here is a current army shot (only finished models):

    Here it is again, very large

    Converted Shaman
    Random Beastmen
    OOP Beastmen

    Scratchbuilt Chariot drawn by Flesh Hounds




    Minotaur with converted snout

    Converted Lionman
    Pigman Shaman

    Chaos Warriors
    Scratchbuilt Chaos Warrior

    And at last, a link to my Photobucket account where I have more pictures of these things and more.

    I hope you like it. At the moment I'm working on Chaos Knights and a Chaos dwarf DoW cannon.

    My Skaven army:
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    mrtn's painting blog

    Photobucket are bastards.
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