Majzownik's post got caught up in the system issue so I'm reposting it to bring it to the fore.

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First of all, I would like to say hello to everybody.
I've been guest-reading this forum for over a year now, and finally decided to create an account and become a part of the community.

Having that said I'll go straight to the juicy part: Browsing through the web I managed to find a polish warhammer fantasy forum with more news rumours from PGA. I decided I will share the knowledge found over there with you guys.
[just to make it clear - all the stuff written below is just a translation of posts written by people claiming to have read the book - hope they won't get mad for translating their rumours wihtout asking them first ]

All the rumours by theultimateqpa have been confirmed on that polish forum. The other stuff mentioned there looks as follows:

Cold-Blooded rule stays as it is now.

Slann - T4, W5, 4+ WardSave, US3; can miscast as normal; cannot mix lores anymore; lost +1 to cast and dispell; max 4 abilities chosen from the list - first for free, all 4 for 150 points (I'm guessing 0+25+50+75) - theultimateqpa skipped 1 ability - MR(3)

Old Blood - stats remain the same; no spawnings; AS 4+; may ride Carnosaur (S7, T5, W5, not a large target

Scar Veteran - +1T, 5+ AS, same points

Skink Hero and Priest - may ride terradon and both versions of Stegadon (Priest on the Engine gets +1 power dice)

Skink - rank&file, 5 points, javelin and shield, have command group, Ld 6, 1 kroxigor (55pts) per 8 skinks; may skirmish for +2p (blowpipe)

Saurus - scaly skin 5+

Swarm - posion, 15 pts cheaper

Cold One Riders - 2+ AS, same points

Kroxigor - S4, 4+ AS, 55 pts, no skirmish screen

Chameleons - 3 pts cheaper, no special deployment

Terradons - mount S4, rider S3 (javelin only), may fly into woods; throw rocks - once per game D3 S4 hits per model

Stegadon - S5, T6, A4, Ld6, 4+ AS, D6+1 impact hits; may have big blowpipe (12", 2D6 S3 auto or no modifiers hits), giant bow with poison

Temple Guard - may have 2+ AS, stubborn and ItP with Slann, WS4, halberds, 1 point cheaper

Ancient Stegadon - S6, A3, 2+ AS; may have 2 blowpipes but no bow

Engine of the Gods - gives powers like cauldron of blood: 5+ward for friendly units within 12", or D6 S4 hits with no AS to enemies in 2D6", reducing spell difficulty and something more

Salamander - probably move or fire (conflicting rumours on that), flame template shot at artillery dice inches, S3 -3AS, 55 pts

Razodon - same as salamanders, but: may move and fire, shoot artillery dice of S4 hits within 12", need to roll to hit (BS3), but no modifiers for long range, being charged, moving or multiple shots; have to choose S&S as charge reaction, 56 pts

Heroes cannot join salamanders nor razodons, but handlers do not line into combat.

Lance for skink - gives stegadon 2D6+2 impact hits
blade of realities
S6 no AS

Armour: very similar and cheaper

Talismans: 5+ward, 2+ward one use, no 4+ward

Enchanted Items:
flying for skink
jaguar charm - bound spell steed of shadows
25 pts bound spell with uranos thunderbolt at level 6
some magic attacks

Arcane: diadem, +1 spell

100pts - 12" stubborn for cavalry
-1 to hit for shooting
huanchi probably the same (or giving +D6" to charge - no consent on that)

Hope this clarifies some things.
Once again, all this information was found here: I did not see the new book, I just translated some rumours, so don't ask me too many questions
I will try to translate some more stuff if I find any.