After the success of my Iron Snakes Project Log, I thought I'd utlize warseer's excellant blogging tool to help keep me motivated with one of my next projects. At the moment I've got the last few models for my Iron Snakes to paint, another 3 models to finish of my 'minimalist' steam punk chaos army and plans for a WFB eldar exodite army (playing as either wood elves or high elves. I'm hunting down some fluff which looks like they might suit High elves afterall. More to come in future months )but willpowerless dupe that I am, I've been lured into Rackham's blossoming sci-fi game AT-43.

I'd heard good things about the game system before but hadn't really been all that enamoured by the models. The fact tha they were pre-painted and preasembled was also something that turned me off, being primarily a hobbyist/painter/modeller rather than a gamer. However, the recent release of the gorgeous Karman models has finally pushed me over the edge. Afterall, who can resit an army of ogre sized Space Gorillas?!

I've ordered one of every model currently available for the Karman Army (the rest being released over the coming year a few mdoels a month) and intend to convert most of them, and repaint all of them. the more I think about it, the more I think pre assembled, prepainted plastic minis are a good idea as tey allow the modellers amongst us to still do our thing, but give the more 'wargame' oriented hobbyists a chance to get a table top standard army on the battlefield almost immediatley. That being said, I've not been all that impressed with the quality of the prepaint job onthe one model I've managed tog et my hands on so far. Hopefully the rest of the army shoudl arrive next week, but in the mean time, I set to work converting the Hero Venerable Cornelius:

I've completely repostioned the right arm, taking it from a bent pointing pose to a more gorilla like resting one. The torso has also been twisted slightly to accomodate this, and the head has been repositioned to follow the flow of the model a bit better. the wrist mounted ZZ rifles have also been cut off and pinned back on to make them flow with the gauntlet a little better and not protrude quite as much. The raised part of the base is half a 40K GW 40mm round base, and there is a sewage pipe running under it (which you can't see from this angle) as well as sand on the lower level. This is the paintjob the mini came with out of the box. I'm planning to repaint it in very similar colours, doing my standard vibrant blue for the turquoise areas and working up from Dheneb stone to skull white for the currently cream areas. The base will be done in a standard urban scheme, and I was going to leave it at that, but as Rackham are releasing what looks like a campaign book or expansion for AT-43 this summer called 'frostbite' I figured I'd fall back on an old favourite and get some snow on that base too

Hope to get some paint onthis guy over the next week, and get some pics up of the un-re-painted rest of the army when it arrives