I found new toys. Itīs the Warmachine. Very, very convincing sculpts.
Decided to go for cryx. As I will probably never play a game, which is a sad thing, I thought it would be a good idea to try new techniques, and produce a higher painting quality than before.

My first finished piece, but not based yet, since I want to use modelling water, which I wonīt melt for just one base.

Itīs a Helldiver.

I did not convert anything, allthough these minis scream for it. As I plan on building a second Helldiver sometime, I guess some serious sawing will happen to the next one.

Hope you like it.

As always, supersize pics

As you can see, I gave the "forearm" a bone colour.
I will repeat this pattern on all the jacks I will paint.

Next in the pipe, a Harrower.

C&C very welcome.