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    Talking 5000 point game: Ogres vs DE

    My friend had been really working on his dark elves and wanted a big game, so the ogres stepped up the plate. This was my list:

    Skrag *general*
    Tyrant w/ seigebreaker, heavy armor, wyrdstone
    Bruiser *BSB* w/ sword of might heavy armor, jade lion, 2 thief stones
    Bruiser w/ tenderiser, heavy armor, sword gnoblar
    Hunter w/ mawseeker, 2 sabretusks
    Butcher w/ Hellheart

    10 bulls w/ light armor, iron fist, full command, warbanner *tyrant, butcher, and BSB go here to make the feared 'Iron Lions'*
    3 bulls w/ extra hand weapon X4
    3 bulls X2
    3 Ironguts X3
    20 Gnoblars X4

    8 Trappers X2
    Gorger X10 (2 count as 1 special with skrag)
    3 Yhetees

    Slave giant X3

    His list: (Not sure on all magic gear/banners)

    Two lvl 4 mages on horses
    Three lvl 2 mages (one on horse)
    *Not sure on the equipment, but it was probably powerstones and dispel scrolls*
    4 units of 10 crossbowmen
    1 unit of 20 spearmen w/ full command
    1 unit of 20 corsairs w/ full command
    1 unit of 20 witches w/ full command and banner of murder
    1 unit of 20 exicutioners w/ full command
    2 units of 10 dark riders w/ full command and crossbows
    4 RBT
    Mengil and 9 manflayers w/ full command

    As you see it was a small army because it was VERY magic heavy.

    The board was 6X4 and we each had a large hill in the back of our deployment zone (so much for gnoblar screen...). There was a clear path up the center with a groups of trees on either side. In the back left of his deployment zone was a tower, and in the mid-back right of my zone there was a building. In the back left of my deployment zone was a large forest.

    Since my regular screen tactic was useless the bulls moved up to the bar. The yhetees went into the forest on my left. In the clearing from left to right was: giant, Iron Lions, bulls (iron guts behind), irong guts, bulls behind, giant, and skrag behind the trees. *I had a cunning plan than I would leaves the right trees open in hopes he would put Mengil there, not realizing skrag is immune to poison, and then I could charge them* Behind the line of ogres were 4 units of gnoblars.

    *!*It was at this point I realized he was overloading the right flank*!*

    Between the trees and the building I had the naked bulls side by side and behind them was a unit of ironguts and bulls (with bruiser), and behind them the other unit of bulls with the other butcher. Behind the building I put the giant and to the right of the building I put the other two units of gnoblars and on the right part of the hill I put the hunters.

    On his hill he obviously had his 4 RBTs with the crossbowmen in front (2 stage hill) with 2 mages on foot in the left units. In front of the hill from left to right were the corsairs close to the tower, then spearmen, exicutioners, and the witches were behind the hill looking into the clearing. On the right he had his two units of dark riders with mounted mages in them, Morathi and Malekith.

    I won the roll to scout (I got a 2 and he got a 1) first and put trapper in the left trees, he then put Mengil in the right trees (was my trick working?) and I put the last unit of trapper behind the tower on the left.

    He won the roll for first turn (I got 1 and he got a 2)

    Turn 1 DE:

    Morathi and Malekith fly behing the building and the dark riders move up enough to shoot. Mengil moves up to shoot at Skrag (Yes!) In the magic phase he does 1 wound to a naked bull with chill wind and then miscasts which ends the magic phase (Hell Yes!). Then the shooting starts. His bolt throwers go after the left giant and kill him. He falls onto one Iron Lion doing 1 wound, and kills 5 gnoblars. He shoots into the naked bulls with his dark riders and doesn't even kill one (bad rolling). He then asks me "Is Skrag immune to poison?" which I am forced to say yes to. He shoots the middle giant and does 2 wounds.

    Turn 1 Ogres:

    1 unit of gnoblars in the center bicker and hunter passes stupidity test (and does so the whole game). Skrag charges Mengil and they flee, getting away. All the units in the center move up. The yhetees move up around the trees, and the trappers move up to the flank of the corsairs and the other unit goes into the tower. On the right I move up to the building. The magic phase sees 3 spearmen have their bones crushed. The hunter shoots at the dark riders but fails to WOUND. The trappers shoot at the corsairs and kill 1.

    Turn 2 DE:

    No charges. Mengil fails to rally and jumps over witches. Malekith flies behind the gnoblars on the right, and Morathi flies to the right of the hunter. The dark riders on the right move back to be out of the charge range of the giant. In the magic phase I use hellheart but he still goes for it. He gets off chill wind on the trappers in the open and kills enough to make them flee (they never rally). Doom bolt does a few wounds to the center unit of ironguts. Morathi does doombolt to the hunter and does 1 wound to a sabretusk. She then miscasts, and farts harmlessly. Malekith miscasts and takes no wounds, but can no longer cast any spells for the rest of the game. A mounted mage lord (left unit) also miscasts and becomes frenzied. In his shooting phase a couple RBTs finsish off the middle giant and he falls harmlessly. He then concentrates his fire and wipes out the center unit of ironguts (all panic is passed). He shoots at the naked ogres with his dark riders and reduces each to 2 models (they pass panic).

    Turn 2 Ogres:

    Trappers in tower bicker and do so for the rest of the game. The gnoblars on the far right fail their terror test from the dragon and run off the board. A unit of bulls in the center charge the witches who have to hold. Seven (yes 7!!!) gorgers come onto the board. 1 behind the darkriders on the right, 2 behind the darkriders on the left, 1 making sure those same dark riders just run behind the gorgers, 1 looking into the RBT on the right, 1 looking into the RBT on the left, and 1 looking into the rear of a unit of crossbowmen on the left. Yhetees move up to flank of corsairs. All center units move up but are set up to the only unit the corsairs and spearmen can charge is the front of the Iron Lions. The others setup so they can charge the exicutioners but are out of their range. On the right I move up the naked bulls to force the frenzied mage to charge. The other ogres and giant get ready to charge the dark riders once they kill the bulls. The bruisers unit turns to look at the dragon. Sabretusks detatch and look at Morathi and hunter moves back a bit to beter cover the center. The gnoblars on the right turn around to look at Malekith. A unit of gnoblars in the center turn and move to face Morathi. In the magic phase I get off +1 toughness and stuborn on the Iron Lions (which he never remembers to dispel) and crush the bones of 5 more spearmen (he rolled double 1's to dispel). In the shooting phase I fail to harm Morathi's pegasus, but the other gnoblars do a wound to Malekith! (3+ to hit(singe shot), 5+ to hit Malekith, 5+ to wound, 5+ save, 2+ ward). In combat I kill 3 witches with the bull charge and then kill 5 more. He does 1 wound back with his hag and I win combat by 2 but they hold.

    Turn 3 DE:

    Corsairs and spearmen charge the Iron Lions but spearmen fail their fear test. Executioners try to charge flank of bulls fighting witchs but fail fear test. Riders charge the naked bulls and the left one holds but the right one flees and gets away. Mengil rallies. Crossbowmen on either ends turn to shoot gorgers and mages leave units to get to safe posotions. Morathi moves to the back center of my deployment zone (out of arc of hunter) and Makekith moves behind Skrag. Morathi casts soul steal on a unit of gnoblars and kills all but 6 (going up to 6 wounds herself). Bulls fighting darkriders go down to WS 1. One of the gorgers in the back right can not move next turn thanks to dominion. The Gorger set to charge the RBT on the left loses 3 wound to doom bolt. The gorger on the right loses 1 wound to doom bolt. Crossbowmen finish off wounded gorger on the left, and the RBT does 1 wound to the one facing the crossbowmen on the left. The gorger loses no wounds to the RBT and crossbowmen on the right side. Dragon breaths fire on gnoblars and kills 3. Rest of shooting does only a wound to an irongut. In combat the corsairs are crushed and I overrun into the spearmen. Witches kill an ogre and I kill a few of them. I lose combat but hold. Riders kills bulls and overrun but stop behind the building.

    Turn 3 Ogres:

    Unit of 6 gnoblars, and flamed gnoblars bicker. Yhetees charge corsairs (who must flee) and then over run into the crossbowmen on the left who are also charged by the gorger. The fleeing corsairs run off the board and panic a RBT which also runs off the board. Skrag and the iron guts charge the executioners. A gorger charges the RBT on the right, a gorger charges Mengil, a gorger charges the rear of the right dark riders and the giant charges the riders on the left in a way that he would overrun into the riders on the right. All fear test are passed. Sabretusk again move to face Morathi. Ogre units on the right arrange them selves to try and get ready for a returning dragon. Goblars in center move toward Malekith. On more gorger comes on and phases the flank of the riders on the right. Magic phase if shut down. In the shooting phase gnoblars throw spiky stuff at Malekith again and do two wounds which kills him!!! (I won't even get into how un probable this is...) The dragon passed leadership. Hunter does 1 wound to dragon. In combat the crossbowmen on the left are beaten up and they flee and are pursued by the gorger and the yhetees. Iron lions crush spearmen and overrun into a RBT. Skrag and irongut beat up the executioners woh flees and are caught. Irongut overrun into mage and skrag doesn't make it into the crossbowmen. The gorger wipes out the RBT on the right but fails to overrun into the next one (double 1s). The gorger kills Mengil but take a wound. The giant flails a chain but only kills 1 rider. The giant then takes a wound from a rider and one from a horse! Losing by 2 I fail and run into the building (killing me), and the riders overrun into a unit of bulls. The gorger kills 2 riders on the right. Witches wipe out bulls.

    Turn 4 DE:

    Witches and dragon charge a unit of wounded bulls in the center (forgot when they lost wounds). Morathi moves away from sabretusks. Crossbowmen turn to shoot at Skrag. In the magic phase Skrag loses 5 wounds from two doombolts and the bulls fighting the riders are WS1. A RBT finishes off Skrag and the rest of shooting doesn't do much. The witchs finish off the wounded bulls and overrun. The gorger kills 3 manflayers. The RBT is killed by the Iron Lions and they overrun into a mage. The ironguts kill the mage and run into the rear of the crossbowmen on the right. The riders only do 2 wounds to the bulls and they do 3 back. The bulls hold.

    Turn 4 Ogres:

    All gnoblars bicker except the one in the back corner. Another gorger charges into the flayers. Two gorgers charge into the rear of the riders. The sabretusks try to charge the flank of the witches but are just out and fail the charge. The gorger on the right charges another RBT. A gorger comes on to help hunt morathi. The gorger and yhetees come back onto the board. And the ogres in that back corner move up to go dragon hunting. Magic is shut down. Hunter fails to wound dragon. In combat the mage is killed, the RBT is killed, the flayers are beaten and are caught running, same with the riders.

    Turn 5 DE:

    With only Morathi, a wounded dragon, and a unit of crossbowmen left the dark elve player waves the white flag.

    Result: Victory to the Ogre Kingdoms!!!

    Post game thoughts:

    I thought I was toast when we first decided to play this game. With all the magic and shooting, coupled with the dragon (I actually thought he would use two) I didn't think I stood a chance. But thanks to his first two magic phases going bust, and Malekith not only forgetting how to cast spells but being killed by a bunch of sticks and rocks, not to mention some bad rolling for his crossbowmen, things quickly went my way.

    It was good to see the Iron Lions ruling the battle field. Last time I used them Kurt Helborg cut them down :cries: But now they have returned to glory

    Thanks for reading.
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