I've been planning a list for a 2000 pt tournament tomorrow. I didn't want to go with anything too off-the-wall, so my list is pretty plain but I hope to be competitive. Any thoughts are welcome:

2nd Gen. Slann, plaque of tepok and dominion, BSB-550
Skink Priest, level 2, diadem of power-135

20 Saurus, full command-270
20 Saurus, full command-270
16 Saurus, full command-222
14 Skinks, scouts-98
14 Skinks, scouts-98
14 Skinks-84
13 Skinks-78

3 Salamanders-195

I want to use scouting skinks to pester and march block and the non scouts to bait charges and get my saurus into possition.

Some options im thinking of are making points to have 16 temple guard instead of warriors to go with the slann, some chamelon skinks, or cutting down the preist for something but I don't know what.