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    2000 pts Vampire Counts

    Vampire Lord (450)
    Blood Drinker
    Crown of the Damned
    (enemies strike last against him)
    Infinite Hatred
    Red Fury
    (+1 attack for every wound inflicted)
    Walking Death
    Extra magic level (lvl 3)

    Vampire (175)
    Level 1 wizard
    Dispel scroll
    Walking death
    Dread knight
    (lance, heavy armour and barded nightmare)

    Vampire (165)
    Level 1 wizard
    Lord of the Dead (+1 when raising skeletons)
    Book of Arkhan
    Black Periapt

    Vampire (175)
    Dark Acolyte (lvl 2 wizard)
    Septre de Noirot (can raise double numbers of zombies)
    Avatar of Death (heavy armour and shield)

    20 Skeletons - spears, standard, musician (195)

    17 Skeletons - standard, musician (146)

    20 Zombies (80)

    19 Grave Guard - full command (258)

    10 Black Knights - full command, Royal Standard of Strigois (hatred) (355)

    * * *

    So, here's my first proper list with the new book. I've included brief descriptions of new items and powers.

    Okay, I'm probably spending too much on my characters. I've already tried to cut costs (each vampire was 200+ points to start!). It's terribly easy to spend over 1000 points on characters with the new list.

    The Vampire Lord goes with the Grave Guard, and should be able to beef up that important unit with his Blood Drinker. Hopefully he won't go stupid at a critical moment!

    The dread knight vampire will go with the Black Knights (yeah, I know he can't move through cover). He's there to keep them marching (and hopefully benefit from their banner!), but he'll leave and join one of the ground units if I need them to go through terrain.

    The Lord of the Dead vampire will hang around with the under-strength skellies and try and push them up in power.

    The septre-wielding vamp will try and forge ahead and raise more units of zombies!
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