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Thread: What can Ogres do against Wood Elves?

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    What can Ogres do against Wood Elves?

    Hi people, I've got a 3000 game of my Ogres vs. my friends Wood Elves soon and I'm looking for tips on how I can beat his army. His army is very fast and combat oriented with good, but not overwhelming missile support. He relies on dryads to make a distraction along with tree singing to maneouver my units into a vulnerable position where he can get multiple flank/rear charges with his dryads and wardancers. Keep in mind he is easily one of the best players in our group and I've never beaten him in almost a year of trying, so any advice wold be greatly appreciated.

    My army (roughly, I havn't finished it yet, thats what I'm here for)


    Butcher w/ Skullmantle
    Bruiser w/ BSB
    Tyrant w/ thundermace, heavy armour


    3 Ironguts
    3 Ironguts
    3 Ironguts
    3 Ironguts
    8 Bulls (I often use this but don't think it''ll be too effective here)


    2 Leadbelchers
    2 Leadbelchers
    3 Yhetees
    2 Gorgers

    I don't know what his army is exactly, I've never played him in a game as large as this before. I can give you a very rough description however.


    A couple of Spellsingers
    Waywatcher Lord w/hail of doom
    Maybe a beefed up wardancer lord


    A whole load of drayd units, probably minimal unit size
    A sizable unit of glade guard, maybe two about 12 to 16 strong perhaps
    Small unit of Glade Riders, just for the annoyance factor
    Eternal guard are a possbility


    A mega hefty wardancer unit to be the 'hammer unit' which will do the most killing


    A decent sized unit of waywatchers with the general to scout and blast into my rear end.

    Sorry I couldn't give you any more detail of his units. Any help would e appreciated.
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