I just bought the new Vampire Counts book and I immediately took a liking to it. Maybe I'm about to start my very first Fantasy army

However, some questions arose while I read through the book, and hopefully you guys can help me answer them.

1 - A unit can only move once with Vanhel's, but can you Danse it once to get it into combat and once more to boost it for the fight? Or do I even have to cast it twice to get the ASF etc?

2 - If you give your Vampire a Mastery power he can use Invocation of Nehek to increase a unit above it's starting size, but can he increase it above its maximum size (more than 10 Fell Bats for instance)?

3 - Raised Zombies do not gain any command models, right?

4 - Can Walach's Bloody Hauberk be combined with an Enchanted Shield? The rules specifically state that it can be combined with a shield, but (almost) any magic armour can be combined with a mundane shield, so why did they bother spelling it out if they didn't intend it to be an exception to the normal rules?