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    Anodyrs log - Return of the Rainbow Warriors

    Hi all,

    Stumbled acroos Warseer a couple of weeks ago and after much thread skimming, the logs of members work here has reignited a long suppressed desire to re-immerse in 40K.

    I got into the hobby back in 1990 (first purchase - Space Ork Painboyz!) and fell out of it just after leaving uni (2001ish), although I kept up with White Dwarf. Had a couple of relapses since then (Word Bearers, Imperial Guard) where the painting/converting bug took hold once more, but the joys of full time employment generally led to me packing my stuff away and forgetting about it for long periods at a time. Back in October I moved into my first house with the girlfriend, and decided the time had come to cut my ties with GW, collecting up all the models and paints that I had at the time and donating them to the 11 year old lad next door (I hope hes bloody well done something with them!).

    And then, as I said, I found Warseer.

    So Ive decided to get back into the hobby, but I intend to keep some degree of focus on what Im doing so it doesnt turn into a big cash-splurge that ends up gathering dust in the wardrobe.

    My rules of engagement:

    First, I dont play any more (havent done for years) so anything I do will be for the enjoyment of modelling, painting and displaying (I've got a digicam, its time I used it, and where better than here?).

    Second, I havent got so much money that I can waste it on full box sets from which I only intend to use the heads (or whatever) for conversions.

    Third, as I dont play, theres no point in building armies - I'll focus on buying models I want to paint, and try not to end up with boxes of Cadians left on sprue because the urge to convert WW1-esque Cadian/Bretonian hybrids ran out after building three of the little blighters (admittedly they did look good, but with hindsight 36 spent to create three soldiers wasnt one of my most well-advised fiscal decisions...). If anything, this should help me, as knowing that I dont have to build a platoons worth of "Cool-conversion-idea-number-1" should make it more likely to actually finish a project.

    Fourth, if Im buying box sets, I need to aim to get my moneys worth out of them.

    So, with all this in mind, I ran through a few ideas for what I'd like to set myself project-wise:

    1. Pre-heresy marines - I love the Horus Heresy books, I like the pre-Heresy marines I've seen people create here, and it would scratch the urge to convert (I definitely want to convert/sculpt, not just paint). However, if I did this, I'd want to use Forgeworld Mk IV helmets, which pushes the overall cost past my self imposed limitations. Maybe later...

    2. Imperial navy boarding troops (a la an old Jes Goodwin sketch) with bullpups and fully covering boilersuit uniforms - the combination of Forgeworld parts and buying a box of 20 Cadians (again) is what pushes this one to the back burner.

    3. Savlar chem-dogs - finding a link to Pigirons Savlar-esque heads made this a strong possibility, perhaps an option to make buying a box of Cadians more attractive (turn 10 into Chem dogs, 10 into biarding troops as per option 2). A definite maybe for the future.

    4. Space Marines.

    So, I'm going with Option 4 for now (small squad, plenty of scope for painting/converting). Had a good brainstorm over which Chapter I'd go for (considered Iron Snakes, Iron Hands, Dark Angels... none were really grabbing me) and eventually remembered a thread someone started at Black Librarys forums ages ago about re-imagining the much-maligned Rainbow Warriors.

    Back in the Rogue Trader days, these guys surfaced on the side of the plastic Space Marine box set, and were widely ridiculed as hippy wierdos due to the unfortunate connotations that came with the Chapter name. I believe this may have even influenced GW, who did very little to redress the situation, preferring instead to sweep the chapter under the proverbial carpet somewhat.

    Anyway, the poster at BL suggested reimagining the chapter as having aztec connections. This stuck in my head, got filed but never deleted.

    So, what do we know about the RW's?

    A bit of googling this morning suggested (very little can be confirmed as there is hardly any published fluff on the chapter) the following:

    1. A pic of a RW being shot by a Battle Sister (I believe in Rogue Trader) suggests they may have turned bad.

    2. They're thought to be second founding (parent chapter unknown).

    3. All but one company were hunted down and destroyed (presumably by Imperial agents, if the pic mentioned previously is anything to go by).

    And thats about it.

    So, adding an aztec-style spin on the facts, I have a rough background for the Rainbow Warriors as I intend to portray them:

    The Chapter was based/recruited on a jungle world where the locals worshipped the Emperor in the aspect of a Great Sun God, using large stepped pyramid temples and human sacrifice in their worship.

    The Rainbow Warriors were heavily involved in these rites, seen as Sky Warriors by the indigenous population, and recruiting from the jungle tribes. The RW's also practised blood sacrifices to the Emperor, adopting the local customs and practices as their own.

    Perhaps they kept quiet about their practises or were on a world cut off by warpstorms/whatever, but eventually their customs come to light and the Ordo Hereticus take offence at such heathenry and savagery amongst its greatest warriors. The chapter is declared debased and heretical, and agents are sent to expunge it. All but one company (perhaps off-planet at the time) are destroyed and the Chapters name is disgraced.

    Enter moi!

    Rainbow Warriors modelling guide:

    So I quite fancy modelling some Marines (never done loyallists before, so its something new for me), and I want to be able to convert as I do so to satisfy the greenstuff itch I have.

    I like the aztec theme for the Rainbow Warriors and intend to achieve this with the use of a lizardmen Saurus box set to provide some suitably evocative hand weapons and various bits and bobs to dress up my RW's

    (As a side note, the purchase of a Suarus box set is ok by my self-imposed budget rules because they also come with spear arms, so I can snag all the hand weapons I need, and still create a unit of Saurus spears to serve as a diversion project).

    Essential purchases will therefore be a Space Marine Tactical Squad, A Saurus Regiment and some greenstuff.

    I dont believe you get bolt pistol/ccw arms in the Tactical squad box which is a bit of a shame as I'd like to model them all with this combo rather than bolters, using the aztec style handweapons from the Saurus box to represent some interesting variations on the common chainsword. This being the case, I'll probably just arm the sergeant with bolt pistol/ccw, and the rest with conventional tactical weapons (although I'm sure I'll find room for a ccw in there somewhere...)

    The colour scheme (thanks to Bolter and Chainswords marine painter, and a little Paint work) will be:

    (Not sure how to embed that image in the post...)

    I believe the RW's were traditionally a darker blue, but in keeping with the Sky Warriors/sun worship/feathered theme I've got in mind, I'm going to go for a more sky blue colour as the base. Ignore the yellow chainsword for now - I wanted to try something to make it stand out for when I have the lizardmen hand weapons in their hands...

    I've decided to make my "surviving company" the Third as I thin the green shoulderpad trim works well with the sky blue scheme. This will be one of the few concessions to the Codex Astartes, as I see them as being fairly divergent overall.

    In terms of thematic modelling, I'll be keeping the following options in mind:

    Feathers hanging from armour/weapons/belts.
    Feathered cloaks.
    Tooth/claw necklaces.
    Well tanned skin.
    Long dark hair/top knots.
    Piercings such as spacers in earlobes.
    Facial jewellery (think of the priest guys with Jade ornamentation in Apocalypto).
    Saurus hand weapons.

    In game terms:

    I had a read through of the C:SM to see how I would field them as an army theoretically, and decided that the Chapter is best represented by the following traits:

    No mercy, no respite
    Take the fight to the enemy

    (Representing a degree of savagary in close combat that I wanted to evoke and reinforce with the aztec style weapons and blood sacrifices).

    Aspire to glory

    (Representing the fact that they are few in number since they were purged).

    We stand alone.

    (To reflect their status as renegades - no Imperial forces are likely to team up with a Chapter condemned by the Ordo Hereticus).

    So thats pretty much it for my first entry - my plan is outlined, next step is to go treat myself to some models and paints and start building.

    Any comments/criticism gratefully received as the plan is always evolving. One thing I havent decided on yet is what to put on the right shoulder pad - the codex signifiers for squad type dont feel right, and I was trying to come up with some fauna-linked imagery (jaguars, condors...) to tie into squad designation, but I am very undecided as of yet. Any ideas?

    Heres to an optimistic return to the hobby!

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