I'm playing 3000 pt High Elves this weekend or tonight and I am almost positive He will use Teclis and a Star Dragon with a Prince with the Starlance. I did some test fights last night and I think I know how to lure the Dragon into a trap. Last time I played him I used a mounted combat Vampire Lord and one on foot that was more of a caster. This time they will both be combat. I will place the solo vampire on foot on whichever flank he positions the Dragon. He almost always brings dragons around the flank, and believing this to be my casting vampire he will likely find it too tempting a target to pass up. In reality the Vampire will have Red Fury, Infinite Hatred, Avatar of death with a great weapon, the Flayed Hauberk, Crown of the damned, the Cursed Book, and the Sceptre de Noitre (or whatever it's called). He will charge in with his 10 str 7 attacks thinking he will go right through my vampire to the rear of my army. To his suprise I use the Cursed Book on his charge and he has to roll 5's and 6's to hit me. On average this will come to 3-4 hits. which will turn into aprroximately 2-4 wounds. I will on average take 1-2 wounds after saves. The next suprise comes when I attack the Dragon with str 7 attacks instead of going after the Prince. In my play tests I inflicted an average of 3 wounds after re-rolled misses (remember i hit on a 3+ with Cursed book in effect). This leaves me with 3 more attacks. On average i was inflicting 4-6 wounds a round on the dragon. I won the first round of combat res in every play test I did (except the one where I rolled like crap and died before I got an attack off). 6 out of 7 times I either made them flee after round 1, or I killed the dragon in round 2, leaving the dragon prince helpless. I realize this is a risk, but if it works out the way it seems likely, I will have a huge advantage.