Tried a search - but only got a "what counts as magic missile?" posts.

I'm just re-starting my WE army, and going through possible ideas, I had a re-read of the army book and spell lists and noticed something potentially very good.

The spell 'The hidden path' states that the target unit treats all terrain as open ground...
I took that as meaning for movement only, but thats not what it says - it says "treats all terrain as open ground"

See where I'm going with this?

So, If I have a waywatcher unit in the middle of a wood, outwith the 2" seeing out distance and cast this on them, they now treat all terrain as open ground, so can target out right? or even target units hiding behind terrain?

I doubt this is RAI, but it is what is says...

Any thoughts / comments appreciated, I checked and theres no FAQ for wood elves on GWUK site.