Whenever I fight a defensive empire army with lots of cannons and handguns I usually get my ass handed to me and I would like any tips or advice people could give me about how to beat a gunline as Chaos.

My army changes a lot but it usually looks something like this.

level 4 slaanesh bray shaman

level 2 slaanesh bray shaman

2 exalted champions, one of these is the general and the other sometimes has a steed of slaanesh and berserker sword.

2 knight regiments one of which is upgraded to chosen and the other sometimes has mark of Khorne

3*5 warhounds

5 horsemen

1 chariot

5 furies

5-10 Centigors

1 beastherd size varies

4 dragon ogres or sometimes a Hellcannon

A few ideas that crossed my mind was either trying a Chaos lord with gaze of the gods on a chaos dragon but since I usually play 2000p that would take up almost half my army and I have abseloutly no experience with a chaos dragon.

I also considered making the army beast with a lot of mortal/demon units so I could put some units in ambush but again I don't have any experience with this and since I have never seen a chaos army use this tactic I assume it isnt as good on the board as it maybe sounds in theory?

I have also been considering putting in some dogs of war crossbowmen (this isn't just to fire back at those defensive armies but also something I thought could generally work well in a chaos army) but I am afraid that people might think of it as lame to use a dogs of war unit solely to fill an obvious gap in the army?

I would really appreciate any help you might be able to give me.