Ok, getting back into fantasy (dropped when 7th came out...getting back because the designers are on crack and messing up 40k) and note that the new VC book finally fits me.

Vampire Lord lvl3 (lvl4)
Skull Staff, Night Shroud, Sword of Battle.
Master of the Black Arts, Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead

While no decent saves, the shroud should slow opposing HtoH down so I can bash on them. Maybe issuing challenges to prevent being harmed too much.
With 6 power dice and casing Invocation on a 2+, I'll eat a lot of the enemy dispell dice up fast or raise a ton of skeletons to boost my units.
This guy leads the large unit of skeletons.

Vampire (lvl2)
Flayed Haubrek, Biting Blade, Power Stone
Dark Acolyte, Summong Ghouls

This guy goes with the large ghoul unit and tries to do what the lord does for them. Also adding some muscle to the unit in HtoH.

Vampire (lvl1)
Armor of Night, Striking Sword, Talisman of Lycni
Supernatural Horror, Ghoul Kin

Initially he also goes with the large ghoul unit also. Allowing the ghouls (and characters) to surge forward pre game. He'll then go on a rampage attacking out of the unit against small units and war machines with his fast pace, terror and being hard to hit with missile fire, (-3 total), I hope he survives long enough to do his duty. As he does this, the ghoul packs seek to flank.

Vampire (lvl2) Nightmare
Book of Arkhan, Sword of Might
Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death

He'll go with the Black Knights. I'm a little skeptical about this as he'll remove their spectral move...and that could prove problematic. But, I could just attach him later or remove him to some place else if that seems more strategic. But, still, the temptation to make him more specialized exists.

Personally, with over 1,000 pts in heros, well...it's vampires, combat and magic heavy. Still, a lot and the lack of decent protection on the Lord is worrisome.

23 Crypt Chouls with Ghast

10 Crypt Chouls with Ghast

24 Skeletons (HW) Champion and Banner
Banner of Endless Nightmare

10 Skeletons (HW) Champion and Banner

5 Dire Wolves

50 Dire Wolves

9 Black Knights with Full Command
Banner of the Dead Legion


1 Carin Wraith

2248pts total.

The Skeletons form the anvil to be boosted by the Lord.
The Bkack Knights go on one flank with the Varghulf escourted by the Dire Wolves.
The lone wraith seeks to protect the other flank where the ghouls surge from. Being in a pocket and causing terror may slow any enemy that breaks through there down and offer him some protection. I have thought about ditching him for 2 more Black Knights and a musician to the large skeleton unit though.
As said, the ghouls take the other flank.
Standard pincer w/ hammer and anvil approach.
3 Terror causers...a little over the top as is 13 power dice a turn...especially when I'll most likely be tossing only 1 die per attempt at a spell (limits miscasts and eats up the limited dispell dice most opponents have).

Any tips, advice or simple comments?
So far the best I could think of would be to replace the Lords armor and weapon with Crown of the Damned and hope to pass the easy stupidity checks...but, a failure would suck badly.