Ok, this is an observation and a question at the same time. If I remember correctly from the PDF (its been a while since I've read it), the new wound allocation system says that you don't have to take wounds from within 2 inches of the base to base models in close combat. If this is true, it seems like certain units, particularly Shining Spears, are in a lot of trouble. While I have never actually used Spears, I've been thinking about getting some and this problem popped into view and has kept me from buying any as of yet.

As I understand what the eldar tacticians have explained, the Shining Spear's saving grace (due to their few numbers) is that they can usually clear their area of affect of any return attacks. Or if not clear it totally, they can reduce the return offensive to the point where they can weather it till the next turn in which case they can break off and re-charge. But if the opponent can take the kills from the back of the unit then the Spears will be taking alot of return attacks (unless they can kill the unit outright) and will probably not survive.

Does this mean that Spears and other small hit-em-hard-and-fall-away units are in for a heap of trouble in 5ed?

BTW, I'm not trying to start another "My eldar are screwed again" thread. I honestly don't care if the Eldar or the Space Wolves (my main two armies) get nerfed straight into the ground. I'm going to play them because I love the fluff, the look of the army, and their mine. So please don't start accusing me of being a whiny eldar player. This was something that occured to me and I wanted to get other people's take on it. Perhaps I'm looking at it incorrectly or have a wrong view of how Shining Spears and similar units work in the first place.

EDIT: Sweet, I'm a chaplain now! :-)