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    Melchor's ultraslow blog of Doom and Darkness

    Lemme try this again...

    So here it is... My blog. What will I be blogging? My Slaanesh-themed Chaos army. And some Necromunda, and maybe I'll throw in some random models I just feel like painting for good measure.

    First, the obligatory workspace pic:

    Don't worry, it's cluttered up nicely since this pic was taken.

    Currently, my main project is my Slaanesh Chaos marines. I've been wanting to do an army like that for a long time but I never got to because I was distracted (by my DA mostly). But they're mostly done sot with the release of the new CSM codex I started planning. Here's the scheme I came up with:

    Of course it was inspired by someone else's scheme, but we'll forget about that for now.
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