Hey, so since most of the people at my local club play fantasy, and I currently only have 40K armies, I was thinking about getting an army to play fairly regularly with.
Now, I just have a few questions before i plan on buying anything.
I was thinking about dwarfs, but after proxying a few games, I decided i didnt like the staticness of the army. My 40K armies are Tyranids and Grey Knights, so i prefer to outmaneuvre my opponents.
My focus then changed to a faster, more CC oriented army.
Also, since i dont have much of a budget, i would prefer an army that doesnt cost too much to play at around 2000-2500 pts level (and at tournaments). I was thinking Bretttonians, possibly an all mounted army. I dont know much about the points cost of basic troops, or even roughly how much a tournament competitive army would cost, so I was wondering if anyone here could help me out?
So in summary,
1. An army that doesnt cost too much to make (preferably bretts, if possible?)
2. A somewhat small model count (dont like painting horde armies)
3. Is tournament competitive
4. Requires more tactics than just run and scream at the enemy
5. Decent in CC
6. Cool (), and has modelling opportunties

Thanks to anyone with any insight