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    Thumbs up Warseer Anime fan group

    Zetsubou shita! Warseer's lack of an anime supporters group has left me in despair!
    And as such, it is time to start one!
    If you are anything like me (a massive otaku, to be honest!) you will chew your way through an awesome anime, only to have no-one to discuss it with, and feel bitter about it after!

    Still, be it that you are an avid anime otaku, or just wanting to get into the whole anime scene, or even a particular genre, feel free to discuss!

    So, let the discussion begin, but beforehand, a few rules-
    Spoiler tags, please!- No-one wants to get halfway through a series, only to be told that character X dies at the end, or that X is their father.

    It's PG13 forum guys!- Please do not go off on a discussion about anything like Urotsukidoji... For a start, it is an 18, and I imagine their are very few out there with a thing for tentacles. This also rules out the discussion of any hentai, or ecchi.

    People's opinions- Please try to respect peoples opinions, as each is entitled to their own. Criticising one for their taste in anime, is a bit geeky as well, and so what if they are a 'Tokyo Mew Mew' fan, right?... Right?

    There we go... potential problems sorted!

    Now, to kick things off, why not begin by telling us all what you are watching at the minute, and what you have enjoyed recently? should whip up some discussion, and get the proverbial discussion ball rolling! I shall wait for others to slap something down, so as not to hog the thread too much, but I may stick down a list of what we have watched, and are able to discuss, if people think that would be appropriate, especially to any newcomers.

    Anyway, all the best!
    NB ^^

    EDIT: Gah... starting post and I already forget something! This groups is also welcome to discuss any AMVs that they feel are suitable, and by suitable, I mean awesome, as well as manga (although not too much... that would detract from the 'comic book and manga' thread!

    And hell... Nihonophiles are welcome! I know I am one! XD
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