Hello everybody.

This is a log on the heaviest of all armies. Over the last seventeen years I have collected some 15 lbs of Orcs. But itīs not a 45.000 points army, but almost completely metal/pewter/lead whateveryouwannacallit. And itīs growing!
My aim is to own every single metal mini GW has ever made for Orcs and Goblins. This might sound a bit insane, and I know itīs a long road to go. But I must do it! The line I draw is, that I wonīt collect the models with solid bases. Only slotta bases.

Letīs see what I have so far.

A bit blurry, so give you a left and right flank shot.

The trained eye will have spotted the flaw!
Yes, you see plastic boars and even two completely of plastic consisting chariots. Well I said I want all the metal minis, not that I wonīt have plastic minis in the Army. Because itīs an army I play with. An absolute horror to transport, especially for big battles.
But still I must say, I hate the plastic stuff.
Even though I have to mention that some of my stuff is missing in the pic. First missing are about a hundred nightgoblins. The reason is, of course, the table is too small. Also not in the pic, another twenty Orcs, some of the stinkies bathing in acetone, some of them being crossbow dudes I have no complete unit of yet.

There actually is no Black Orc unit. Reason for this: I hate doubles when collecting stuff. The latest Black Orcs in metal were cool, but only four different sculpts of them. So I will pick up these, some character models, and fill the ranks with old stuff, Gamezone Orcs and the Mothercrushers of old.

What is the colour scheme you ask?

Well, classic, of course!

So what is this all about?
You will hopefully see three things: First complete, or at least progress in my collecting project. Second, after all these years giving the horde a decent paintjob. And third, their enemies of old, the stunties. For them I feel the same urge. I already have some of them. Only five pounds yet, but it may get better...

Next post wil show some of the painting I did on a few models and units.