Played a game yesterday against a buddy who plays Orks. I lost the game, mainly due to the presence of a Gargant. I had two Warhounds and a full company of marines plus 2 Thawks, predators, landspeeders, strike cruiser. The battle became fairly one sided once his Gargant could bring its weapons to bear on my forces. Even with the two Warhounds, I was unable to bring down his Gargant. After a turn of slugging it out with the titan and losing half my company to a single mob (those things are huge), I fell back with my remaining forces.

My question is how do other players take down Titans, aside from Imperial taking a Warlord - the only way for a Marine Player to get hold of a Titan Killer weapon? Imperial Guard can take a company of Shadowswords and a Lunar Class Cruiser and these are great options. I am just wondering what ideas others have.