Just played my first game against Ogres using Gut Magic (I've played them at 1k but neither of us took wizards) and was really impressed! The system seems to work really well - at least at low levels with 1 butcher vs 1 level 2 shaman - and it's more or less how I reckon magic should be for most races. I really liked the fact that the butchers knows all the spells in the list, which allows the lore to keep its characterful but not necessarily amazing spells, without making it rubbish if you roll the 'loser' combination. I also really liked the across the board low casting rolls, and preponderance of spells which make the Ogre army better rather than hurting the opposing army.

True I could see weaknesses. I started to realise that in some ways the best thing I could do with my level 2 was use his power dice to dispel spells remaining in play from the Ogre turn, as D6 S4 hits doesn't do much to Ogres and that way I could stop his butcher replenishing his wounds with bloodgruel. I feel this was a minor issue however.

Does anyone else think there's mileage in this style of magic to be introduced in 7th ed for other armies?