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Thread: Bad Moons Ork Waaaagh!

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    Bad Moons Ork Waaaagh!

    Remade the list with how I want my Waaagh to be when it's finished. Like I said before when i posted the first list I will probably not be playing with everything so often but this list gives me a lot of stuff to expriment with in smaller point-value lists. Oh, and concering the Gretchin, which are terrible now in comparisson to what they used to be, I think they might find a usage or two in some games, especialy for holding objectives or tablequarters. Allthough they are still a mere shadow of their former selves they might very well see a lot more usage from Ork players when 5th ed is released. If the LOS rules are correct they might very well work as a great screening unit for footsloggers, just need to keep 'em out of close combat so that squig hound can hunt the yellow bastards down if they start to run. Anyway, time will tell.

    Still have a bit of trouble, I like the tankbusta models even though I like the new Kommando ones better but I seem to be running short of tankbusting material. What do you guys think?

    Oh and just to make something clear, Im looking for a balanced list but still rather fluffy and Bad Moon-ish. Any comments on that would be great as well.

    HQ: (2)

    Warboss (Mega Armour, Cybork Body, Attack Squig) 125 pts *

    Big Mek (Kustom Force Field, Burna, ‘Eavy armour) 110 pts *

    Elites: (3)

    Burna Boyz x 10 (3 Meks, Big Shoota, Megablasta x 2) 150pts

    Lootas x 10 150 pts

    Kommandos x 10 (Nob, Power Klaw, Big Shoota, Burna) 155 pts (EDIT)

    Troops: (6)

    Deff Dread (Grot Riggers, Big Shoota, Skorcha) 90 pts *

    Meganobz x 4 160 pts *

    Shoota Boyz x 30 (Nob, Power Klaw, 3 x Big Shootas) 230 pts

    Shoota Boyz x 30 (Nob, Power Klaw, 3 x Rokkit Launcha) 245 pts

    ‘Ard Boyz x 12 (Nob, Power Klaw, Boss Pole) 160 pts

    Gretchin x 30 (3 Runtherds) 120 pts

    Trukk (Red Paint Job, Wreckin’ Ball) 50 pts

    Trukk (Red Paint Job, Wreckin’ Ball) 50 pts

    Fast Attack: (1)

    Warbikers x 5 (Nob, Power Klaw) 160 pts

    Heavy Support: (3)

    Battlewagon (Kannon, 4 Big Shootas, Deff Rolla, Grot Riggers) 140 pts

    Looted Wagon (Boomgun, ‘Ard Case, 2 Big Shootas) 125 pts

    Flash Gits x 8 (More Dakka, Painboy) 270 pts

    2490 pts


    Tankbustas instead of Kommandos? Flash Gits or Tankbustas in Battlwagon?
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