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Thread: On Grenadiers

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    On Grenadiers

    Hi Guys. Just a quick question. Can I combine the Grenadiers doctrine with the Drop Troops doctrine? If so, does that mean that I can have my Grenadiers (Troops) deep strike as per Drop Troops?


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    Re: On Grenadiers

    You can take both doctrines in the same army, but Grenadiers are not Guard Infantry (see page 55) so cannot be given deep strike.
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    Re: On Grenadiers

    well they can deepstrike, just not for free.....
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    Re: On Grenadiers

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    well they can deepstrike, just not for free.....
    Grenadiers can't.
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    Re: On Grenadiers

    Thanks for your replies guys! Time to get started on that army...

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