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Thread: A Tale of Plague and Pestilence

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    A Tale of Plague and Pestilence

    It all started so innocently. I went home to my parents for Christmas last year and started to look through my Bitz Box I had left there when I moved to Vienna. Then I found a really old Gorkamorka Mutie horse (which sadly is no longer available), and I decided that it'd make a perfect Daemonic Mount for a Sorceror Lord of Nurgle. When I was back in Vienna I dug out my Hordes of Chaos book and made an army list based on the character I had in mind. When I then found a box of Empire Flagellants, my will was broken entirely, and the Butcherman was born to tear the heart out of the weak and torn Empire.

    "A Tale of Plague and Pestilence

    After the Empire had weathered the Storm of Chaos unleashed by the so-called “Everchosen of Chaos”, the dreaded Archaon, plague and starvation were rife in the northern provinces and the people still suffered from pockets of Chaos followers that had yet to be cleansed from the Empire’s lands. Especially Nordland, Ostland and Ostmark suffered badly from hunger and sickness. Their crops had been burned and their cattle had been slaughtered by the rampaging marauders of the north. Beastmen and other foul beings were roaming the woods, preying upon the weakened humans.
    The village of Stervensfurt suffered no less from plague and starvation than the rest of the Empire’s northern settlements. Most men were dead, having been drafted to the armies of Emperor Karl-Franz during the war, and the women and children were weakened from hunger. Families hid in their homes, not willing to share what little they had left with the rest of their community. Plague befell the villagers, and several died and were buried hastily in the garden of Morr. The people of Stervensfurt grew ever more desparate, fearing the dreadful winter that was to come.
    One day, though, a stranger came to the village. He was dressed in rags and his skin was sickly pale. At first the villagers attempted to drive the man from their community, but the stranger made a very tempting offer. He claimed that he could heal the sick and save their lives, and all he wanted in return was the bodies of those even he wouldn’t be able to save anymore. All of this stank of witchcraft, but in their desparation the villagers accepted.
    The stranger had the diseased brought to the village’s temple and then locked himself inside. No-one could tell what went on in the temple, but after a day the stranger emerged, together with several villagers that were already feeling better. Even though their bodies still spoke of the plague they had suffered, they claimed that they’d feel better and healthier than ever before. After several days most of the sick had emerged from the temple, all claiming to be healed, but some of the villagers had not survived.
    The people of Stervensfurt rejoiced. They had overcome the plague’s grip and now even the fast approaching winter did not seem so forbidding anymore..."
    ... to be continued.

    Now down to the part you all are waiting for / expecting. Pics.

    My Nurgle Marauder Champion, converted from an Empire Flagellant. Still needs basing.

    The Marauders' Musician. Again based on an Empire Flagellant, this time with a Bretonnian Men-at-Arms' head, also in need of basing.

    Right now I'm working on more Marauders (with hand weapon & shield), a Battle Standard bearer conversion and another special treat that will soon be revealed...

    I hope you enjoy. Comments are greatly appreciated and I will always try to return the favour!

    Monsterzonk :skull:
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